Apple is giving iPhone 14 users an extra year of Emergency SOS

Exactly one year ago, Apple introduced a very useful new feature with the series iPhone 14. It is about “SOS emergencies“, a feature that works via satellite, offering its service in critical situations, for example when there is no reception.

There were various situations that saw the function come into action. For example this year a woman she was saved together with her dog from a flood during the summer period. It could be useful to everyone and in the most disparate situations, even in the mountains or perhaps at sea.

When there is no reception, an image of a satellite will appear at the top right, where you can usually see the quality of the network signal. This will allow the possibility of making an SOS report with satellite connection.

Today there is good news: this feature it will not expire with the arrival of the new iPhone 15 series; in fact Apple has chosen to make a kind concession to owners of the previous generation of smartphones.

Apple gives users with iPhone 14 another free year of “Emergency SOS”

On the one-year anniversary of the launch of Apple’s SOS service in the US and Canada, the company said it would extend everything for one more year. Of course that will be all free and only and exclusively for users in possession of an iPhone 14.

Over the past year, leaders have said this feature has played a critical role in saving lives around the world. The rescue of a man whose car fell tens of meters down a precipice in Los Angeles has gone down in history. In reality, some have also been located in Europe, in the Apennines missing hikers.

These are just some of the many stories related to dangerous situations resolved by Apple’s SOS satellite service, apparently much more useful than some people thought.


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