Apple is investing heavily in generative AI, explains Tim Cook

Since the debut of tools like Chat GPT, Google Bard and Microsoft Bing, the tech community has been wondering when Apple introduces and integrates generative artificial intelligence into its devices. According to recent rumors, important news in this regard will arrive during 2024, but in the meantime you can pass the time with the words of the CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about generative AI: it will be the heart of the company’s next devices

During the recent call regarding the financial results of the last fiscal quarter, Tim Cook confirmed that the Californian company that sees him at the helm is investing, and not a little, in generative artificial intelligence. During the conference, however, the CEO wanted to underline how already today several features of Apple devices exploit AI and machine learning, as in the case of incident detection and the Apple Watch ECG app.

As for the company’s future plans, Cook did not provide specific details, but said that Apple has every intention of creating its own generative artificial intelligence which will then become a strong point of the next devices.

«In terms of generative AI, there is obviously work to be done», said Tim Cook. «I won’t go into details, […] but you can bet that we are investing in this field. We are investing quite a bit, actually. We are doing this responsibly and over time you will see product advancements where those technologies will be at the core of everything».

Apple - Artificial Intelligence - AI

This isn’t the first time the Apple CEO has talked about generative AI. In an interview given a few months ago, for example, Tim Cook declared himself enthusiastic about the potential of this technologydespite some obvious “problems that will need to be resolved in the future”.

Looking to the immediate future, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is accelerating in the development of AI features and there will be news in this regard as early as 2024, with iOS 18. It will be integrated, according to the journalist, into Apple Music, for example, and above all into Siri.


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