Apple is no longer hiding: with the new MacBook Air M3 we are officially talking about AI

Apple non si nasconde più: con il nuovo MacBook Air M3 si parla ufficialmente di AI

March this year opens with an update to Apple’s catalog. The Cupertino giant has in fact unveiled the new MacBook Air with M3 processor. The latest generation notebook will soon be available for purchase in two versions, from 13″ e 15″ respectively.

Apple presented the laptop with a detailed press release where the innovations in terms of performance, efficiency and autonomy are put under the spotlight. The design, however, remains unchanged: it is the same as that of the previous generation, with squarer lines and a display made larger through the use of the notch (just like on the Pro).

Apple: the new MacBook Air 13" and 15" are official with the very powerful M3 chip

The press release released in these hours does not go unnoticed a paragraph dedicated solely to artificial intelligence. The MacBook Air M3, writes Apple, it is “the world’s best consumer laptop for AI”. Putting aside Tim Cook’s recent interviews peppered with various and vague references, this is the first time that the Californian company has made such a clear statement. And therefore, albeit late compared to the competition (Microsoft and Google, for example), Apple officially embraces AI. Yes, but how?

Apple and AI: 2024 is the decisive year, starting from the new MacBook Air M3

Tim Cook & co. they didn’t present an AI chatbot like Gemini or Copilot, or even software to create images or a song from a text prompt. What the Cupertino company underlines is that its new notebook guarantees very high level performance in all those activities in which generative artificial intelligence is used.

«With the move to Apple processors, every Mac is a great platform for AI», writes Apple. «By taking advantage of this incredible AI performance, macOS is able to offer intelligent features that improve productivity and creativity. […] Combined with the unified memory architecture of the Apple chip, MacBook Air can run optimized AI models, including large language models and diffusion models for image generation, locally and with exceptional performance». The new notebook, we read, «also supports cloud-based solutions, so you can use powerful work and creativity apps that harness the power of AI, such as Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, Canva, and Adobe Firefly».

The announcement is therefore not one that leaves one speechless, but it is now clear that Apple too within a few months will throw itself headlong into the already populated world of AI. Also because it is difficult to believe that a company of this caliber has so little to say in a sector that is more important today than ever.

And so everything is postponed until June, when the annual event will be held WWDC, an event dedicated to software updates (and in rare cases also to new hardware). It is almost certain that on that occasion the company will present innovations related to artificial intelligence. This wave, according to rumors, could also overwhelm Siria voice assistant that isn’t all that versatile compared to its rivals.

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