Apple is thinking of a huge iMac with a screen of more than 30 inches

It has been a short time since the launch of so many new features by Apple. The latest WWDC 23 has in fact left the public speechless, who have been able to notice the company’s interest in proposing solutions and devices capable of opening the doors to the near future.

However, the news would not have ended as there is still something interesting within the list of the Cupertino giant. The new rumors insistently speak of a product arriving on the market between the end of this year and the beginning of 2024. The clues lead to something new iMac which could be the greatest ever.

New news has emerged on the web about a computer equipped with a diagonal screen 30 inch or larger.

Apple is developing a 30-inch iMac with M3 chips

A new piece of news has suddenly appeared on the web by a very famous journalist and above all an expert on the Apple world. This is Mark Gurman’s Bloombergwell-known world newspaper.

He claims that the company is working on developing a new iMac that will be able to show a screen size never seen before. This hypothesis seems absolutely plausible especially after the alleged desire on the part of the giant to eliminate the screens from 24 inches regarding the generation with M2 chip.

Speaking of processor, the new iMac with “larger” screen should be able to count on the next one M3.

The journalist, returning to discuss the screen of the new iMac in development, reported that the stage of development would be quite early. As he reveals from his words, the screen could even exceed 30 inches with someone who thinks it can even go as far as 36.

These are just rumors at the moment, but there are several points in common with Apple’s strategy and especially with some decisions taken recently.


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