Apple is thinking of an iPhone Slim to replace the Plus model

Apple is thinking of an iPhone Slim to replace the Plus model

Although the 2024 range has not yet been presented, there is already talk of the iPhones that Apple will present next year. According to an authoritative source, the analyst of Haitong International Securities Jeff Pu, the Cupertino giant would like a smaller Dynamic Island and an improved camera for the four versions of iPhone 17. But even in this regard, or the composition of the range, there could be an interesting one novelty.

Based on what Pu reported, Apple is considering a change in its strategy proposing a Slim smartphone instead of the Plus model which has been thrown into the mix for several years now without however enjoying much success. As the name suggests, a iPhone 17 Slim it would have a thinner profile than the other three smartphones in the range. The display should also have smaller dimensions, perhaps slightly smaller than those of the Pro Max model, as also suggested by Ross Young, CEO of DSCC.

And therefore, based on what has been leaked, the 2025 range could be as follows:

  • iPhone 17 (aluminum) with 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 17 Slim (aluminum) with 6.6-inch display
  • iPhone 17 Pro (aluminum) with 6.3-inch display
  • iPhone 17 Pro Max (titanium) with 6.9-inch display

Apple iPhone 15 lineup

As indicated in the list above, among those for 2025 the Pro Max model should be the only one in titanium. And, again based on the rumors, he might be the only one with a smaller Dynamic Island (but with unchanged functions). Apple could achieve this goal through the use of technology Metal’sto be used for both the proximity sensor and the biometric sensor Face ID.

Finally, as regards the photographic sector, the aforementioned Jeff Pu believes that the entire 2025 range will receive a substantial update to the front camera, which will be 24 megapixel. A nice step forward if you consider that the sensor currently used is 12 megapixels.

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