Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, a patent confirms it

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, a patent confirms it

We have heard several times about a iPhone foldable in the planning stage, with Apple who never confirmed anything. In recent times many rumors have made space on the web from the main sources that have to do with the Cupertino brand and something new has also filtered regarding a foldable device.

While someone in March declared that such an iPhone was under development, today we are talking about what Apple’s thoughts on the matter would be. In fact, some rumors report great concerns on the part of the company regarding the duration of a foldable iPhone. Everything therefore would seem to discredit the arrival of a device of this kind but in the last few hours conflicting rumors have arrived.

Apple is reportedly designing a foldable iPhone: a patent has been filed

According to a very reliable source in the field, Apple would have filed a patent application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Everything would have happened last October 2023 even if nothing would have been officially published by the institution. The patent in question is confirmed on hinge of a foldable iPhone.

Folding iPhone patent

According to rumors, some aspects would be indicated in the patent regarding “a foldable display device that may have parts joined together by hinges. A flexible display can overlap the latter. The foldable device can be placed in both the open and closed position just using the hinge“.

The smartphone appears to be similar to a Samsung Z Flip. The patent filing doesn’t mean Apple is about to launch a iPhone “Flip”. After all, the company usually files numerous patent applications every year and only some of these actually turn into products or parts of them. However, the story thickens and the question becomes obligatory: when will Apple launch its first leaflet?

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