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Apple M2 Ultra, what the new Apple processor can do

Alongside the AR/VR viewer, Apple Vision Pro, al WWDC 2023 the Cupertino giant also presented the processor M2 Ultrawhich will be used by the next ones Mac Studio e Mac Pro.

A chip with great potential, made with the system UltraFusion of Apple that allowed the company to “connect” two M2 Max processors together, obtaining incredible performance equal to about double that of a single chip.

Let’s find out more about the new M2 Ultra.

M2 Ultra, the potential of the new processor

M2 Ultra has 24 core of which 16 high performance e 8 high efficiency. Apple promises that the chip will achieve about 20% higher performance than the previous M1 Ultra. A big step forward for the company’s new desktops which in this way will allow users greater freedom of movement on all programs in the Apple ecosystem.

La GPU can be configured with 60 o 76 core and of course the guaranteed performance will change a lot based on the version chosen. Always Apple will get up to 30% better than the previous generation.

Great news also for the unified memory architecture, one of the most popular systems among users, which guarantees access to a single pool of RAM to all processor components. The M2 Ultra can be configured up to with 192GB of unified storage and guarantees a memory bandwidth of 800 GBps for top-level performance even with the most resource-hungry programs.

Another innovation for the M2 is the 16 or 32-core Neural Engine (user configurable) which promises to be able to handle up to 31.6 trillion operations per second improving performance by 40% over the M1 Ultra. According to Apple, the new chip included in desktop computers would be able to manage up to a maximum of six monitors Pro Display XDR.

Finally, there is not even a lack of attention to safety with the new one Secure Enclave which has the task of protecting personal data and information, guaranteeing an even higher level of security.

When the new M2 Ultra arrives

The M2 Ultra chip will be part of the technical sector of the new Apples, the Mac Studio and the Mac Pro and, of course, it cannot be purchased separately.

The two desktop PCs are already available for purchase on Apple’s official website, while sales in Apple Stores and authorized resellers will only begin from 13 June.

Mac Studio and Mac Pro are obviously not cheap devices and for the Studio model the price starts from 2.449 euro for the “basic” version. The Pro version, on the other hand, is available both as a tower and as a rack, both configurable to your liking, with a starting price respectively of 8,499 euros and 9,199 euros.

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