Apple Mail, how to best use it on iPhone

Mail in Apple is the application created by the company for managing email and is present on every device of the brand: Mac, iPad e iPhone. It may seem like a common app for sending and receiving emails, but it has many features that can be useful for increasing your productivity, for better personal and professional organization and to avoid distractions or the risk of missing important messages.

Let’s find out What are the most useful features of Mailhow to use them and the advantages they guarantee.

  • 1. Apple Mail, how to reduce junk mail and keep your inbox tidy

    With Apple Mail it’s possible limit episodes of Spam, repeated scam attempts and unwanted messages. Not only does the app report all suspicious content, forwarding it to a specific folder, but it makes it possible to block a person or a group of contacts quickly.

    All messages from blocked senders are directed to the Junk folder. The list of blocked people can be edited at any time.

    Good organization of emails reduces the risk of missing important messages, both work-related and personal. For this reason on Mail you can use create new boxes to organize received messages.

    Creating more boxes allows you to choose which ones to view, hiding messages deemed superfluous at a specific moment. Some boxes are made by default and cannot be modified, renamed or deleted.

    To select which boxes to display go to Apple Mailclick on Edit at the top right and click on the boxes you want to view. By tapping on the three horizontal lines it will be possible to reorder the folders, giving them a visual priority.

    They are Mail they can be used of multiple accounts, so you can keep track of all your email addresses from a single application. You can select the default account to receive notifications and immediately locate the most important communications. Multiple accounts guarantee targeted and intelligent management.

  • 2. Sending emails postponed and canceling sending, what you can do from iPhone

    The programming of email It’s ideal for those who need to forward the email later but are worried they’ll forget. Mail allows you to easily schedule messages, allowing users to decide the date and time when the content should be delivered to the recipient’s email inbox.

    After realizing the message, press and hold on the button Sending which is located at the top of the head. In the menu that opens, choose Send later and indicate the desired date and time, selecting the correct time zone. To ensure your email is delivered correctly, make sure your device is always connected to the Internet.

    Scheduled emails can be viewed in the Send later box before they are forwarded. By clicking on it you can cancel the programming or modify it. click on Edit and choose a new time and date or Cancel delayed sending.

    To avoid sending emails with errors, Mail offers the user the possibility to cancel the sending of the email even after pressing the Send button. You have a few seconds to click the button Cancel send, which appears at the bottom of the screen. After performing the action the email can be further edited and resent or saved to Drafts.

    Generally you have 10 seconds to cancel the sending of emails, but this time can be extended. To do so log in to Settings of iPhone, locate Mail and click Time to unsend. Choose between 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. By selecting No the possibility to cancel the sending is removed.

  • 3. Set reminders and convert emails to PDF

    After receiving an important email, yes can set a reminder, useful for remembering to contact the user at a later time. To do this you need to use the function Remind mewhich sends a notification when to tell the user that the time has come to reply to the message received.

    When an email arrives that you want to follow up on later, press the button represented by an arrow pointing to the left and choose the item Remind me. In the list, select Rerope me in an hour, Remind me tonight, Remind me tomorrow or Remind me later. In the latter case it is necessary to indicate a date and time. Tap Finish.

    The emails considered most important and which you want to forward to third parties in a secure mannerthey can be exported to PDF directly using the Mail app. To do this, open the desired email and click on reply button (the arrow pointing to the left).

    click on Press. At this point, the app shows a preview of the email, from which you can select the pages to include in the conversion, change the layout, zoom and orientation of the page. Press the button Share at the top of the screen and then Save to File. Indicate a name and the destination folder and conclude with Salva.

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