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Apple Maps, how to use it even offline

It’s been several years now Google Maps and others mapping applications allow you to save regions for offline use, which remain functional (at least in part) even when the Internet connection is missing or otherwise weak or inconsistent. This is a valuable feature especially if you live in, date or decide to travel to remote areas or in case of an emergency situation. However, Apple Maps doesn’t have a similar feature. At least until now.

Indeed, in recent system updates officially presented on the occasion of the WWDC 2023the Cupertino giant has confirmed that by the end of the year Apple Maps will include a offline mode with the ability to access the turn-by-turn navigationas well as displaying theestimated time of arrival and activate the search for nearby placestogether with directions for getting around by car, on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Apple Maps now also offers offline support

Apple Maps users have been long frustrated with the lack of offline mapswhich actually makes the useless app without wifi or cell service. This defect has always distanced the Apple app from Google Maps, which has been offering this service for years. Finally, however, Apple is ready to fill this gap.

I new operating systems will allow you to take advantage of offline functionality similar to Google Maps. So they can download specific areas of the map and memorize them on their devices, enabling seamless browsing. In fact, even in the absence of a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, driving directions for that area will be available, significantly improving the versatility and practicality of Apple Maps.

This feature will also be also extended to the Apple Watch, with the ability to save data directly to your wrist, or choose to pull any saved map from a connected iPhone. Even Apple Maps su iPad will offer offline support.

However, please note that offline maps they only cover the downloaded areas not allowing the user to stray too far from the intended path. The new updates for iOS 17, watchOS 10 and iPadOS 17 will be available by the end of the year.

The other news affecting Apple Maps

But that’s not all because another goal of Apple Maps is to simplify theexploration of parks in the United States offering theaccess to thousands of trails. A feature that will surely win the approval of both nature lovers and hikers who love to discover the outdoors.

Also new is for electric vehicle drivers, to whom Apple Maps will offer information about charging stations in real time to help plan your route based on their availability and locate stations quickly.

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