Apple Music is testing a feature to import Spotify playlists

Apple Music is testing a feature to import Spotify playlists

One of the main difficulties of integrating two music platforms such as Apple Music e Spotifyat least until now, is the impossibility of share playlists between services. Apparently, however, Apple is working to erase this barrier.

According to what some users have reported Reddit and as reported on the site 9to5Mac, a beta version of Apple Music appears to offer an option to import/export playlists between the two apps. Although something similar is already proposed by SongShiftthis is an external solution that requires the download of external software.

When we talk about SongShift we are talking about a third-party app that allows the transfer of playlists (and more) to and from different music services. The app in question, at the moment, also allows interactions with other well-known names in the environment, such as Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, YouTube, HypeMachine and not only.

The wording identified by users in the beta version of the Apple app would read something like “Add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your Apple Music library” (translatable into Add music saved and playlists created in other music services to your Apple Music library).

Apple Music and Spotify: Import/Export of playlists could become a reality

According to what was reported on Reddit, at the moment only a small number of users who use the app in beta have identified this entry. Apparently, in fact, Apple is carrying out some split test to check if and how this option is really useful to users.

Like any function being tested, both inApple ecosystem that outside of it, it is not certain that it will actually be introduced. However, it remains significant that the Cupertino giant is carrying out the test and a possible introduction will certainly make the users who rely on both platforms happy.

Ironically, this solution comes at a historical moment in which Spotify and Apple are experiencing significant legal conflicts.

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