Apple, new custom batteries to improve the autonomy of iPhones

There have been some innovations during these years, but apparently Apple it wouldn’t have changed one aspect that much: autonomy. From the iPhone 13 to the current 15 series, the Cupertino company would not have made significant updates to the batteries.

Despite this, it seems that Apple has clear ideas for the future, at least as suggested by new rumors. According to some reports from very reliable sources, the giant is working on one new battery defined “custom“.

The company is working on some alternative materials that will be useful in improving the overall performance of the batteries. The main objective is to prolong the shelf life of every battery that will be integrated into products released after 2025.

Most likely, therefore, the news will not only concern iPhones, but also the other products of the Cupertino brand.

Apple is thinking about new custom batteries, they will arrive on products after 2025

The report published in these hours by an overseas source suggests what Apple’s plans are. The company is reportedly evaluating the possibility of increasing the content of silicon inside its batteries. This would distance Apple from the conventional use of graphite used as an anode material in lithium ion batteries.

Although the use of a greater amount of silicon can potentially improve the capacity of the accumulators while also reducing the charging times, there is a problem to solve. In fact, silicon itself tends to expand during the charging process.

According to rumors reported on the web, however, the company may already have found a solution. In reality some news was already anticipated in 2019with Apple collaborating with some suppliers to introduce innovative solutions.

Since battery production has been moved in-house, control over product design and manufacturing has increased. The news is therefore ready to arrive but we will know more in the next few months.


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