Apple, no foldable iPhone: a problem has blocked development

Apple, no foldable iPhone: a problem has blocked development

There are many changes that are affecting Apple lately, at least if we listen to the rumors. It’s been a little over a week since word of a Foldable iPhone ready to arrive in the near future. A clamshell design, a top-level display and a great desire to fight with giants like Samsung and its Z Flips.

While Apple had concerns about the durability and usefulness of such a device, it reportedly met with an Asian manufacturer to discuss producing components for two foldable smartphone models.

During these last hours a very reliable source among Asian bloggers stated that Apple has suddenly interrupted the development of its foldable iPhone due to plausible motivation.

Apple stops, development of its leaflet blocked

The Cupertino giant would have stopped all development processes of its first folding clamshell smartphone. The company, according to what we learn from very reliable sources, was very worried about the yield and the resistence.

The post published on the famous Chinese social network Wiebo stated that Apple was using various leaflets from other companies to carry out its project. Apparently, however, a foldable display supplied by Samsung and used in a foldable iPhone prototype it would break after just a few days of testing. This has led Apple to halt development until it can obtain a more durable display that can meet the high quality standards that Apple requires.

Foldable devices actually do not appear in Apple’s device roadmap for 2024 and 2025, but at this rate it seems unlikely that they will appear in the 2026 plans. Obviously the company has not raised the white flag, but has only stopped development for some time.

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