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Apple, officially presented the new M3 chips with MacBook Pro and iMac 2023

The event Scary Fast Of Apple (translated in Europe as “Fast as hell”) showed the world the new and very powerful chip M3the third generation of processors designed and created directly by the Cupertino company.

Apart from this, updated versions of the MacBook Pro and of the iMacall with the new processor on board but with very few other changes compared to the past. A predictable move after the presentation of the new ones with great fanfare iPhone 15but which still partially disappointed users who would have liked to see some other news.

Apple M3 technical specifications

Chip M3 Apple

During the event, therefore, Tim Cook revealed three chips: M3, M3 Pro e M3 Max which, fundamentally, represent one enhanced version of the M2 chipwhich in this new model gains more transistors, a (partially) renewed architecture and some optimizations on the use of memory.

Clearly, even theartificial intelligence played a crucial role in the presentation, with these processors pushing precisely in this direction, confirming the now well-known global interest in the subject.

The first real change compared to the past is the new productive process used for these components which, for the first time, drops to 3 nm with consequent advantages in terms of consumption e performance.

Analyzing the chips in detail we see that theM3 base it has 25 billion transistors, has a 10-core GPU, a 10-core CPU, and can go up to 24GB of unified memory.

M3 Proon the other hand, rises to 37 billion transistors, has an 18-core GPU, a 12-core CPU and can reach up to 36 GB of unified memory.

Finally, theM3 Max with 92 billion transistors, 40-core GPU, 16-core CPU and capable of up to 128 GB of unified memory.

A nice refresh, in short, for the Apple processor which with this “restyling” hopes to entice users to purchase one of these productsin an attempt to boost the not very exciting sales of the last period.

New MacBook Pro, technical data and price

apple macbook pro

During the presentation Apple showed the world i MacBook Pro 2023 version, which arrive on the market with the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max processors but only in 14 and 16 inch versions.

Other than that, there are few new features on board the new computers that also maintain it Liquid Retina XR screenalready seen on the previous series.

Also change the charger which rises (slightly) from 67 to 70 W but, in addition to this, the equipment of the MacBook Pro remains the same as that of the models with the M2 chip.

On board the devices there’s not even USB-C, which should be mandatory given the European regulationscompletely ignored by Apple in favor of the classic port Lightning.

The prices of 14-inch MacBook Pro they start from 2.049 euro for the model with the basic M3 chip and go up to 4.099 euro for the one with M3 Max.

Going on 16 inchesinstead, we start from 3.099 euro for the model with M3 Pro and you get up to 4.949 euro for the one with M3 Max processor.

New iMacs, technical data and price

imac con chip m3

As widely announced, Apple also presented the new ones iMac con chip M3 which, in reality, also keep the technical specifications of the previous models unchanged with the exception of the processor

The Cupertino company showed the world the exact same 24-inch screen, with the exact same resolution and the exact same accessories.

It’s true that the 24-inch iMac had been on hold for some time chip M1 and which, completely bypassing the M2 generation, has obtained a nice leap in quality compared to the past, however the absence of any other novelty it disappointed fans of the famous Apple who perhaps would have wanted more attention towards this device.

On the other hand, however, it is also true that laptops are now the most popular devices and it is therefore not surprising that Apple wants to focus (perhaps in the future) on these increasingly powerful computers.

The new version of the iMac arrives on the market only with a basic M3 processor, with 8 or 10 core GPU, 8 GB unified memory and 256 or 512 GB of SSD at a starting price of 1.629 euro that comes to 2.089 euro for the top of the range.


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