Apple, Phil Schiller warns users: alternative marketplaces are dangerous

Apple, Phil Schiller warns users: alternative marketplaces are dangerous

Cornered by the European Union and its own Digital Markets ActApple had to forcefully change the ways in which users can download applications on iPhone and complete in-app purchases. These important changes (already widely criticized by Epic Games and Spotify) will become effective at Marchand more precisely with iOS 17.4currently in beta.

Apple’s Phil Schiller advises against using sources other than the App Store to download applications

The Cupertino company has brought attention to the potential negative consequences resulting from the use of third-party marketplace, for example. The risks for privacy and the safety there are, and they should not be underestimated, he reiterated once again Phil Schillerhead of the App Store team.

During an interview given to Fast Companythe manager explained that «While these new regulations offer new options to developers, they also pose new risks».

There is no way around this problem. So we are doing everything we can to minimize the risks for everyone.

One of the risks is certainly the possibility that users (especially less experienced ones) download dangerous applicationsdespite the previously announced detail review system which involves both automated processes and controls by people who will then be responsible for making decisions. However, it is the Californian company itself that specifies that this authentication process it won’t be as in-depth as the App Store one.

iOS - Third Party Stores - Sideloading

Then there is the question of “controversial” contentwhich in the case of applications downloaded from external sources could be accessible to anyone, even younger users.

«App Store rules will not be enforceable on external marketplaces unless they choose to create their own rules. Could this increase the risk for users and families of encountering “objectionable” content or other experiences? Yes, it is», declared Schiller.

Finally, there are those risks that Apple has already described on the website. «If not handled properly, alternative distribution poses increased risks to the privacy, safety, and security of users and developers», underlined the Fellow. «This includes the risks of installing software from unknown developers that are not subject to the Apple Developer Program requirements, installing software that compromises system integrity with malware or malicious code, distributing pirated software, exposure to illicit content. Not to mention the increased risks of scams, fraud and abuse», concluded Schiller.

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