Apple ready to announce the new generation of CarPlay in 2023

The final part of this month of October seems to be almost entirely dedicated to Apple and its announcements. After seeing tonight’s event in which the giant’s new computers were presented, it seems that another indiscretion has sparked the current day. In fact, the Cupertino company is planning something in relation to CarPlaythe system dedicated to vehicles.

After hearing the announcements related to this issue during the last WWDC 2022, Apple would have decided to take an important step. In fact, it seems that since then there has been no further rumor of anything new in this respect, but now everything is different. In fact, Apple would intend to announce something by the end of 2023 precisely regarding CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay will update by the end of 2023, the experience will improve

Some very interesting information would have been discovered on the company’s website regarding CarPlay. This is what emerged:

This next generation of CarPlay represents the definitive in-car iPhone experience. It provides content for all driver screens, including the instrument cluster, ensuring a consistent design experience that represents the best of your car and your iPhone.

Vehicle functions such as radio and temperature controls are managed directly by CarPlay. And customization options ranging from widgets to a selection of thoughtful instrument panel designs make everything unique to the driver.

On the same web page we then read a sort of heading which reads as follows: “Vehicle announcements coming late 2023“. It would therefore seem clear that Apple intends to improve the system relating to the world of cars.

Furthermore, there are several car companies that have agreed to support the next generation of CarPlay. The end of the year therefore promises to be full of news, once again from Apple.


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