Apple ready to challenge Samsung: the made-in-Cupertino smart ring is under development

Apple ready to challenge Samsung: the made-in-Cupertino smart ring is under development

Soon in the Samsung catalog there will also be the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that will be able to track user data in terms of both fitness and well-being. Well, according to recent rumors, Apple is also reportedly working on a device to wear on the finger and would therefore be ready to challenge its eternal rival in this sector too.

Not just Samsung Galaxy Ring: for Apple too, the time is ripe for a smart ring

The Cupertino company has been considering the idea of ​​a smart ring for several years now, as confirmed by the various registered patents. Apparently though only now would the time be ripe to move on to the next step, that is, the creation of a real device. There is nothing official yet, but there is very little doubt that Samsung will be the first to debut on the market.

Second Electronic Times (via MacRumors), the Californian giant would have monitored the market to identify the most suitable period for the launch of a device that many could consider as a valid alternative to a more “bulky” smartwatch. Sure, you won’t be able to count on a display, but it will be more comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

Samsung closes Unpacked with the presentation of the Galaxy Ring

The indiscretion arrives a few months after the presentation of Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, which will presumably take place during an as-yet-unannounced July event. The South Korean company showed a teaser of the device at the 2024 Unpacked event, capturing the attention of the press and all technology enthusiasts.

Advancing further in the field of hypotheses, it is likely that the Galaxy Ring will be able to measure blood flow, carry out a ECG, monitor your sleep and even make wireless payments. All features inherited not only from the Galaxy Watch, but from most of the smartwatches in circulation today. Apple Watch included.

At the moment the smart ring market is dominated byOura Ring. This collects data related to physical activity and monitors body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and sleep quality. All the data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the Oura app installed on the smartphone, making it easily accessible to the user.

For the Europen market, the starting price of the Oura Ring is €329.

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