In Cupertino, work continues on the latest generation proprietary chips: the M3 Pro specimens would already be in the pre-launch test phase. Will they arrive on Mac by the end of 2023 or will we have to wait for 2024?

Mark Gurman Bloomberg strikes again by anticipating to all Apple fans some news regarding the transition from chips Apple Silicon M2 to the line M3, which we already know is in development. As reported by sources inside the Apple company, the SoC M3 Pro it would be in the pre-launch test phase, and could usher in the 3 nanometer era for the M series designed in Cupertino.

According to the report published by Gurman, the transition from 5 to 3 nanometers by TSMC it will materialize with the M3 Pro chip, which should therefore bring an increase in performance and an improvement in energy efficiency.

The test phase of the new SoC would have officially begun within the Apple factories, in order to ensure the compatibility of third-party apps for all users.

The sources of Bloomberg they talk about a chip with CPU a 12 core (six high-performance core P-core, accompanied by six energy-efficient core E-core); 18 core GPU and 36GB of onboard RAM. On paper, therefore, the numbers represent improvements across the board, and at the same time point to the possible realization of a chip M3 Max even more performance, even with 14 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores. Finally, the offer for the third generation of proprietary chips could close with theM3 Ultra from 28 CPU cores and over 80 GPU cores.

Obviously, Apple hopes that the introduction of the new M3 chips and next-generation Macs will give new life to sales, which have collapsed in the last period despite the performance and user appreciation shown towards the Apple Silicon M2 offer.

But when will Apple’s new M3-based systems be available in stores, online and offline? Again according to Gurman’s estimates, the M3 processors could arrive in late 2023 or early 2024, thus launching a new high-performance range. The ever higher prices, between technological progress and inflation, could however represent an obstacle for sales.


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