Apple, the new iPad Pros could have an M4 chip. What we know

A few days ago Apple officially announced the new event “Let Loose”, where according to rumors the next ones will be shown to the world iPad Pro with OLED screens, the new version ofiPad Air and related accessories.

Clearly, none of this has been confirmed by the Cupertino giant and there are many hypotheses on the web, including those shared by Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg who spoke specifically about the iPad Pro which could hide many other surprises on the OLED screen. Let’s find out more about it.

What we know about the new iPad Pro

The first rumors about the new tablet from the famous apple refer to the highly anticipated ones display OLED which have already been announced by rumors on the web for some time, but which have never yet found a place on the iPad Pro.

From what we know the new tablets will be available in two versions: one with 11 inch OLED screen and one with a 12.9 inch OLED display.

But beyond that, according to Mark Gurman, the tablets could come with a brand new one chip M4not yet officially announced, but which should have a completely renovated very powerful neural engine on board, effectively becoming the first Apple-branded device with functionality based on aartificial intelligence owner.

The previous rumors spoke instead of an M3 chip, a processor that has already demonstrated its potential on various Macbook and which would have brought a power truly never seen before to the tablet.

However, if what Gurman said turns out to be true, Apple would be starting to lay the foundations for its AI well in advance, while leaving the bulk of the issue to Worldwide Developer Conference 2024scheduled for June.

Right during the WWDC 2024in fact, the Cupertino giant should reveal its future plans in terms of artificial intelligence, present all the news in this regard and introduce the changes that will come with iOS 18 and the next ones iPhone 16.

Returning to the iPad Pro, however, according to information circulating online, the next model will represent one of the most significant innovations of recent years, with Apple having redesigned (almost) from scratch the tablet and its accessories, making it even more performing and ever closer to a real notebook.

When the new iPad Pro arrives

As mentioned at the beginning, the protagonists of the “Let Loose” event are scheduled for the next one 7 maggio they should be the new ones iPad Protherefore it is reasonable to assume that the tablets could arrive on the market a few weeks after the official presentation.

What worries Mark Gurman, however, is the price discussion which, given all the news announced, could be decidedly high.

First of all, the new OLED screens produced by Samsung Display e LG Display they will have a much higher cost than previous versions and this alone will contribute significantly to increasing the cost of the device’s components.

If it is true that Apple has also opted for an M4 chip, this could cause the prices of tablets to rise even more, pushing them dangerously towards those of Macbooks, for example.

Clearly we are talking, as usual, about hypotheses and rumors and to find out more we just have to wait until May 7th and see if the new iPads will really be as spectacular as they say.

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