Apple, the turning point: it will adopt the RCS standard for messages

Recent times have shown Google’s great propensity in wanting to achieve one goal: supporting the standard RCS for messages. During 2023, more advertising campaigns arrived with a trending hashtag, namely #GetTheMessage.

The implicit objective, but perhaps not too much, was to coerce Apple to marry the advanced communication service, precisely the RCS that would put the various proprietary apps in contact and therefore also iMessage with Google Messages.

Apparently the campaign would have worked great: Apple has in fact released an official statement stating that will support the standard starting in 2024.

Apple gives in: RCS support for iMessage starting in 2024

RCS support will be added over the next year. Apple believes that this solution can offer a better interoperability experience than what simple SMS and MMS offered. This will obviously all work in relation to the proprietary messaging app iMessage.

Apple users will therefore be able to continue to count on a secure and well-developed experience, which will provide an additional opportunity: that of communicating securely even with Android messaging applications that include RCS support. Among these, the main one is obviously Google Messages.

With this new introduction, Android smartphones will finally be able to communicate directly with users iPhone, including small fundamental aspects. These include read confirmation, typing indicators and even the transfer of images and videos in full resolution. Clearly it will also be introduced crittografia end-to-end.

Compared to the past, therefore, a worthy mention must be made for Apple, which was able to retrace its steps. In fact, users remember that the company was totally against this type of standard, while today the scenario seems to have changed radically. A new era is therefore opening that will see Android smartphones and iPhones connected to each other like never before.


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