Apple TV, what it is and how it works

Apple TV it’s your home media center Apple which can be connected to your home television to allow users to access a vast catalog of applications, games, film e TV seriesall downloadable from the dedicated store inside the tvOS operating system.

Among other things, you can also download apps for the main streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video e Disney+.

Depending on the model it is possible to see contents in UltraHD/4Kit will clearly also depend on the type of television to which the device is connected.

It is available in two versions: one from 64GB Wi-Fi only and one from 128GB also with Ethernetthis second version also allows you to manage the smart appliances and many functions dedicated to home automation using the connection protocols of Thread.

The media center is also compatible with i controller Bluetooth to use for video games and with functionality AirPlaywhich allows you to “project” the contents present on the screen iPhone, iPad e computer Mac.

Let’s find out more about Apple TV and how it works.

  • 0. How to Set Up and Use Apple TV: Essential Steps

    remote control-modem-apple-tv

    Very simply, to use Apple TV just connect the device to the power socket and to a compatible TV via a HDMI cable.

    After selected the source from the TV you can start configuring the device using the supplied remote control.

    Here you can either start the manual configuration, by setting all the appropriate options or use your own iPhone o iPad so the two devices do synchronize automatically bringing all the data of your Apple user to Apple TV.

    Of course, to use the service you need a ID Applewhich all iPhone or iPad owners already have.

    If you choose manual settingyou will need to follow the instructions on the screen and configure the language, country and of course your Apple account.

    Configuring Apple TV is an extremely intuitive operation and, for all owners of an Apple ID, it is possible to synchronize their data simply by bringing their iPhone or iPad closer

    Instead, using the automatic synchronization just bring your iPhone or iPad (with the same Apple ID) closer at the time of configuration and proceed as requested by the system.

    In this way not only all favorite settings of the mobile device will also be automatically used on the media center, but it will also be possible to use all the various associated Apple ecosystem devices, such as AirPodsfor example.

    In both cases there will still be a need specify the network to connect to and enter the password, without this it will obviously not be possible to use the device.

    At this point the page Home where you can try out the various features of the media center and start exploring the potential of tvOS. It will also be possible when you turn it on for the first time download other applications and start customizing your user account.

    Once everything is configured, always using the appropriate remote control you can move around the menus and select the application to start.

    As already mentioned Apple TV has one large digital from which to download games and various applications, so that the home television becomes an Apple device in all respects, with a screen that recalls the functions and methods of use already seen in mobile operating systems.

    To install a base, go to the App Store icon and search for the contents you want to download, exactly as happens on iOS and iPadOS.

    The store is well stocked and inside you can find everything from games to applications. Remember, of course, that many contents will be free but others will have a price that the user will have to pay to download the program in question.

    To start the download, simply navigate to the application or game you want to download and click Get. Once the download is complete, the operating system will install the new content which will appear on the Home screen.

  • 1. Browse the Apple TV Library: Movies, TV Shows, and More


    To browse the Apple TV catalog simply go to the section Bookshelf and find inside it i purchased content or those downloaded to view them offline.

    Alternatively you can go to the icon Apple TV+ and move among the many films and TV series produced by Apple and available, obviously, to all users who have signed up for a subscription.

    The selection of content is really wide and it’s about exclusive products reserved for holders of subscriptions to the streaming service and which, therefore, will not be available on any other platform, much less free-to-air.

    The Apple TV+ catalog is very varied and contains many Original Apple products. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the main competing streaming services on Apple TV

    A great advantage for subscribers who will have access, in true Apple style, to many entertainment options ranging from sport at the musicapassing through i documentariesi film not TV series all branded Apple Original.

    It is important to remember that the service is constantly updated with many new features ready to be launched in the coming months, such as sporting events, concerts and much more.

    As mentioned at the beginning, Apple’s media center also works with the main ones streaming platforms competitors. To try them, just open the official application (if it isn’t there, just download it) and move around it using the Apple TV remote control.

    The operation of these systems mirrors what has already been seen on other streaming devices and it will be sufficient to scroll through the various possibilities and reproduce what you want to see.

  • 2. Explore Original and Exclusive Content on Apple TV+


    Apple TV+ is Apple’s exclusive subscription streaming service, which contains films and TV series produced by the Cupertino company and, obviously, reserved for its users.

    The contents are many and quite varied, with an ever-expanding catalog that continually evolves to satisfy all the tastes of subscribers.

    To explore the contents of the platform, all you need is the remote control to move around the menu and, once you find something you like, click on the button Play it.

  • 3. Watch Content on Different Devices: iPhone and iPad


    Clearly with Apple TV it is also possible to play i content transmitted by a iPhone give her an iPad.

    Therefore users will be able to “to project” on your home TV, any multimedia file playing on one of the two devices above.

    To do this, just take your iPhone or iPad and play the content by selecting the option AirPlay to project the screen on Apple TV, however you must remember that the devices must all use the same WiFi network.

    Playing content from iPhone/iPad to Apple TV is a practical and fast solution for viewing the content of your mobile device on your TV at home without the need for wires

    If the AirPlay icon is not visible, simply tap on the icon Share and search among the various solutions available.

    It’s possible too duplicate the screen of iPhone and iPad, so that Apple TV does not “simply” show multimedia content but displays the entire menu of the device.

    To do this, just tap the button Screen Mirroring and select the Apple TV on which to project the screen from the list of available devices.

    A rather immediate procedure that will allow you to use your devices compatible with the TV screen and, very importantly, without losing quality.

  • 4. Watch Content on Different Devices: Mac


    Even the owners of computer Mac they can stream their multimedia content to Apple TV or, as just seen, duplicate the computer screen on the television.

    To do this, even in this case you have to do everything from macOS and this time too we need the devices both use the same WiFi network.

    Per transmit multimedia content the procedure is similar to the one just described for iPhone and iPad and you need to click on the icon AirPlay and choose the Apple TV to direct the content to.

    Projecting your Mac screen to Apple TV allows you to use your TV screen as a second monitor without having to connect other external wires

    Per duplicate the screenhowever, you always need to click on the AirPlay icon, select the television to use and choose from the various settings available if you want to set up the new screen as if it were a separate device or if you want duplicate your PC monitor.

    A very interesting option that allows you to use your PC with a large screen and without the clutter of various cables.

  • 5. Customizing the Apple TV Experience: Features and Settings


    There are many features of Apple TV and many of these must be “tested in the field” to fully understand and enjoy the experience offered by Apple.

    Among the most interesting, however, there is Siri which allows you to manage the media center simply using your own voice, with the ability to start or stop playback, search for specific content and much more.

    A very convenient function that lovers of Apple’s famous voice assistant cannot fail to appreciate, especially for speeding up the use of the media center.

    Another of the most important features is the one that allows the user to modify the type of remote control to use for the…

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