Apple Vision Pro: per la

2024 has already welcomed a device highly anticipated by technology enthusiasts, theApple Vision Pro. From the reviews published in the US press (the mixed reality viewer can currently only be purchased in the USA) enthusiasm is evident, but some problematic aspects of the device have also emerged, such as theexcessive weight and the external battery which, in some circumstances, could be a hindrance.

With its viewer Apple wanted to shake up the sector, and the objective was probably achieved, but it is widely shared opinion that the device is far from perfect. Even those who have worked on the viewer in recent months would be aware of this, as revealed by Mark Gurman.

Apple Vision Pro - Apple

From the information that reached the journalist’s desk Bloombergsome members of Vision Products Group they would consider the Vision Pro to be some sort of preview of the future and that it will take about four generations to reach the “ideal form”. The weak points of the viewer would be the excessive weight, the limited battery, the limited number of applications and visionOS operating system bug.

Citing his sources, Gurman reiterates what he thinks Apple needs to make numerous changes before we can make the headset one of those devices that users will want to use on a daily basis. However, achieving this ideal shape will take time.

Is Apple Vision Pro little more than a prototype?

Calling it a flop would be an exaggeration, pre-orders (also considering the not at all low price) have exceeded expectations and even user comments are in the majority of cases positive, amazed by the engaging and immersive experiences. However, there is the feeling that it is a prototypeor something a little more.

The aforementioned Mark Gurman is convinced of this, according to whom users paid $3,500 “for the privilege of testing a prototype”. Only with the necessary precautions (weight reduction, larger and more wireless battery, number of apps) will the viewer be able to concretely revolutionize the sector and win over even more users. And it might even take the place of the iPador the “most confusing device of Apple’s entire proposal“.


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