Apple Vision Pro: the battery pack cable is driving the web crazy

Apple Vision Pro: the battery pack cable is driving the web crazy

Just a few hours and then the users who pre-ordered the headset Apple Vision Pro will be able to launch themselves into immersive, engaging and – according to the Cupertino giant – revolutionary. The first reviews in the US press are online (highlighting both pros and cons), and there is someone who has discovered it an unprecedented detail of some interest.

The journalist Ray Wong Of Inverse was among those who received the mixed reality headset in advance so he could review it. Well, seized by a fit of curiosity found a detail regarding the battery pack del Vision Pro. Noticing a small hole positioned next to the cable that connects the battery to the viewer, he decided to use a metal clip usually used to remove a SIM from its slot to take a look at the connector type.

The Apple Vision Pro 12-pin Lightning cable

With huge surprise, it turns out that the cable connector is a sort of “enhanced” Lightning, i.e. equipped with more pins (12 instead of 8). After the farewell to the iPhone, it seemed that Apple had definitively abandoned this standard, and instead… surprise! A confirmation also comes from Nilay Patel, editor in chief of The Verge.

Cavo Lightning battery pack Apple Vision Pro

So has the Lightning cable really returned in 2024? The similarity is there, as can be seen from the photo of Patel above, but in reality that of the Vision Pro it is a proprietary cable compatible only and exclusively with the viewer’s battery pack. So no, it cannot be used to charge iPhone and iPad models from a few generations ago, for example.

The choice to make it removable she was wise. This way, in the event of problems with the cable, it will not be necessary to replace the battery pack as well. The latter is also equipped with a door USB-C necessary for charging the external device.

Cover image via Ray Wong/X

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