Apple Vision Pro used by doctors during surgery

Apple Vision Pro used by doctors during surgery

During two delicate spinal operations carried out by a medical team, they used a Apple Vision Pro.

This is what happened at the Comwell Hospital of London, with the surgeons involved who defined the instrument as “Revolutionary“, reinforcing previous statements by Applewho had already placed his viewer close to the medical context.

According to what has been leaked, in reality the person wearing the Apple Vision Pro would have been a nursewho used the tool in both preparatory phase that during the operations. The device was therefore useful, both in terms of the selection of tools and in the context of the progress of the intervention.

In addition to the viewer, the specialists also adopted a particular software developed by eXeXwhich offers AI-based apps for medical purposes.

The first surgery with Apple Vision Pro might just be the first of many

One of the surgeons who participated in the two operations expressed his opinion regarding what happened, namely Syed Aftab.

He himself was enthusiastic about both the viewer and the software proposed by eXeX, stating how “It’s a real privilege to be the first team in the UK and Europe to use this software in the surgical setting and I can’t wait to see how this technology progresses and the impact it can have on hospitals“.

When proposed by eXeX, however, it is not the only software initiative that tends to enhance Apple Vision Pro. Through a recent press release, in fact, the Cupertino company announced a collaboration with the company Stryker.

This would have launched the app on the market myMako, usable through the aforementioned visor, which aims to help doctors during hip and knee operations. Projects like those of eXeX and Stryker will most likely be followed by many others to make the most of all the enormous potential of Vision Pro.

Apple, in recent times, has shown that it has an eye for the healthcare sector. In this sense, the next generation of Apple Watch could reserve several surprises for users.

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