Apple Watch 10 will measure sleep apnea and blood pressure

Little by little over the years Apple has demonstrated that it has very clear ideas regarding the features to introduce on its wearable devices. Everything is fine Apple Watch announced recently brought with it the possibility of benefiting from new features dedicated to the control of vital activities.

The same thing will obviously be valid for the next series, number one 10. In fact, totally new possibilities could arrive, such as monitoring the blood pressure and the detection ofsleep apnea. In the future there is even talk of the introduction of a blood sugar meter, with a system that is anything but invasive.

Apple Watch 10, sensors to measure blood pressure and detect sleep apnea

According to some reports published overseas, Apple is planning to add useful and innovative features to its upcoming products Apple Watch Series 10. As anticipated, it will most likely be possible to control your blood pressure using a new one sensorall starting from 2024, more precisely from September.

This new sensor will not provide detailed information, but will tell the user if the pressure tends to rise. However, there are rumors that the company is working on some new versions that can provide exact systolic and diastolic data.

The Apple Watch Series 10 will provide users with a diary to track every moment their blood pressure will rise or fall. The new feature will also advise you to speak to a doctor or visit the relevant facilities.

In Cupertino they are also thinking of a sensor useful for detecting sleep apnea. This would measure breathing patterns in order to understand whether the phenomenon occurs. Also in this case users could be directed to a consultation with a specialist.

Coming back to the launch date of the new smartwatch series, there may be a probability of this happening early in the 2025.


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