Apple Watch, how to use it as a walkie-talkie

The Apple Watch they are truly incredible devices, which offer users a lot of interesting features that make them, truly, like the natural extension of the smartphone.

Among the lesser-known options is the Walkie-Talkie modewhich allows you to use your smartwatch to chat with other people by simulating a classic Walkie-Talkie.

Clearly, there are differences and in this case the where radio to communicate but everything goes through Internet (with the device which must always be connected to the web), given that the service works with FaceTime VoIP Of Apple.

However, just like a classic Walkie-Talkie the setting is Push to Talk, so users will be able to listen or speak, but not at the same time. Let’s find out more about it.

How to use the Walkie-Talkie function

Before using the functionality you will obviously need to enable it FaceTimeto do this just go to iPhone settings and look for the card FaceTime taking care (if not already done) to activate the function.

Once this is done, the appropriate app is among those installed on theApple Watchand is represented by a yellow icon with above a stylized radio.

By tapping on it, it will be possible to see the friends available to chat among those included in the list.

To add one person is enough tap on + and select one of the various names from those in the contact list. It goes without saying that the function can only be used with Apple-branded devices which must necessarily also have an Apple Watch.

Once you have added friends, you need to tap on their name and the software will try to establish contact with them. When everything is ready, the pulsante Push to Talk it will turn yellow and you can start chatting.

The operation is very similar to that of WhatsApp voice messages and you just need to hold the button down throughout the message, release it and wait for the response. The connection timehowever, is slightly prolonged because the app needs to invoke FaceTime services in the background before allowing the user to speak.

When you receive a message, you will be notified by a short beep, after which playback will automatically start, even if the watch is in silent mode. Therefore, if the recipient does not use headphones, the message in question will be audible to everyone.

It is therefore advisable to adjust the availability of the Walkie-Talkie by logging in Control center and taking care to deactivate or activate the function as needed. This can also be done from the app itself.

Why use the Walkie-Talkie function

In fact, the Walkie-Talkie function is certainly not one of the most reliable among those offered by Apple Watcheven if it is among the funniest.

However, at certain times it could become intrusive and it is always advisable to deactivate availability with the operation illustrated in the previous paragraph, especially to avoid receive inappropriate messages that everyone can listen to.

Let’s say that basically this feature has no specific use, given that functions of this kind are already performed much more discreetly by WhatsApp and other apps for real-time messaging.

It’s more a question of nostalgia for all those no longer young people who grew up in the offline era, when the Walkie-Talkie was the only cheap way to talk to your friends.

Clearly those were different times and, in many ways, privacy it wasn’t yet such a crucial issue for people who, by spending much more time physically together, didn’t have to worry about their conversations being flaunted on the web.

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