Apple Watch, the company has decided to make them compatible with Android

Apple Watch, the company has decided to make them compatible with Android

The grip seems extremely firm Apple on the US and global market for its devices, from smartphones to Apple Watches. Despite this, it is no exception Androidwhich supports many products on a global scale, including smartwatches and smartbands.

Precisely for this reason in Cupertino they thought of something sensational: apparently the company was thinking of making the Apple Watch compatible with Android. However, the project was wrecked at the last minute, at least according to what was reported by some very reliable sources.

Taking a look at the various details in reference to the innovations that Apple plans to introduce for health, some very clear evidence has been found. The giant would in fact have worked to make its watch and its app Salute compatible with the operating system of the green robot.

An Apple Watch for Android? Nothing accomplished, but only at the last minute

Apple’s desire to increase its market share and above all to reach a greater number of users with its Apple Watch would have led to a thought that some might consider absurd.

With the code name Project Fennel, in Cupertino wanted to reach billions of users who use the Android operating system. In fact, it would have been a useful means of strengthening its presence in areas where Apple holds a smaller market share.

Everything actually seemed ready upon arrival, only to be wrecked at the last minute. All of this would have to be attributed to the iPhone. In fact, the company thought that by making its Apple Watch also available for Android, it would damage sales of its smartphones.

It is not clear whether the engineers thought of a device totally dedicated to the Google platform or whether it would simply have been just a question of introducing compatibility. What is clear however is that at least for the moment all the doors towards such a solution seem well closed.

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