Apple Watch, you must not use non-original or counterfeit chargers

When Apple needs to communicate something serious, publish supporting documents that can be read by its customers. One of the latest communications of this kind concerns i battery charger for the Apple Watch.

In fact, the famous smart watches should be recharged only and exclusively with authentic and certified chargers. This is obviously a warning for all those who own a model of the most famous smartwatch in the world, with one fundamental recommendation: absolutely stay away from all those chargers that are not original Apple or do not have MFi certification of the company.

Apple Watch, recharge them only with original chargers

Apple explains in a nutshell that using a counterfeit or uncertified charger could lead to serious problems. One of these is certainly the slow chargingbut there may also be repeated beeps and significantly reduced battery life.

The company therefore absolutely recommends users of do not use counterfeit chargers. Understanding whether the device you are using is safe for charging your Apple Watch is very easy. In fact, the giant has published a list with all the model numbers that must be printed on the charging cable:

  • A1570
  • A1598
  • A1647
  • A1714
  • A1768
  • A1923
  • A2055
  • A2056
  • A2086
  • A2255
  • A2256
  • A2257
  • A2458
  • A2515
  • A2652
  • A2879

By checking the web based on all these numbers provided, a single manufacturer will emerge which will be Apple. To control your charger you need to connect the watch cable to a Mac. By going to “System settings” and then “General”, you just need to choose “Information” and then “System and USB reports“.

Then the user will have to select the watch charger and search for the manufacturer’s name. Of course, there are several third-party manufacturers that are certified by the company to produce reliable charging devices. However, take a look at your charger.


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