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Apple will launch a new headset to reduce the price of the Vision Pro

Waiting for the official debut of Apple’s line of AR/VR viewersscheduled for early 2024 in the USA and later in the year for other countries, comes the announcement of a second more accessible device than the flagship model presented at WWDC under the name of Apple Vision Pro.

The expectation is that this new headset will be capable of reduce the price without compromising the experience of augmented and virtual reality. But to do so, they will be necessary some substantial changes which will inevitably lead to a downgrading of the technical specifications.

Among the first candidates to undergo cuts appears to be the flagship of the premium model: the EyeSight technology which allows you to share a representation of the user’s eyes with others. Furthermore, it is likely that some cameras and sensors will be eliminated, and the design will undergo a simplification, which could lead to the final price list from 3499 to around 2000 dollars.

The hypotheses on the cheapest model of the Vision Pro

As reported by Mark Gurman in its “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant is ready to launch an even cheaper version of its flagship AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro.

The objective is to reduce the price, placing oneself in an estimated range between 1,500 and 2,500 dollars which, as Gurman points out, is not as “cheap” in the traditional sense, but still more affordable.

Currently Apple Vision Pro offers some high-end featuresincluding the EyeSight system, which allows you to show a rendering of the wearer’s eyes so as to create a visual connection which, although it does not enrich the user’s direct experience, certainly mitigates social isolation.

However, it seems that Apple has decided to give up on this engineering feat to contain costs in the creation of the second iteration of the headset, which could even adopt a more sober name, such as “Vision” to align with a more simplified model in line with other devices in the sector.

Balancing price with a high-quality AR experience

The question that arises is whether Apple will be able to offer ahigh-quality AR experience at a more accessible price. According to Gurman, the new device could appear a little less refined in its body, should use an iPhone-type chip, have fewer cameras and lower resolution screens than its predecessor. While this might help keep costs down, the real challenge is ensuring the software experience remains up to user expectations.

Apple isn’t the only company trying to democratize this experience. Other players, one above all Meta, are working on similar products trying to reduce costs and make the virtual reality accessible to a wider audience.

The crucial question is whether Apple will be able to do this successfully and convince those who are still on the fence to embrace the trend. For the verdict, we will have to wait at least until second half of 2025at which time it will be evaluated whether the initial model, the Vision Pro, has achieved success or has disappointed expectations.

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