Apple will unveil new AI tools at WWDC24, according to an expert

There is no doubt that too in 2024 artificial intelligence will play a central role. Microsoft, for example, believes that this will be the year of “PC AI”, while Google will continue to churn out news on Gemini and beyond. However, Apple is still being talked about in terms of rumors, and this is news, given the weight of the Cupertino company. In this regard, after the rumors regarding Siri, come those – perhaps more generic – regarding a series of tools related to generative artificial intelligence whose presentation would be scheduled for June, on the occasion of the WWDC24.

Generative AI is the protagonist of Apple’s WWDC24

It’s the usual thing to go unbalanced about the plans on the US tech giant’s agenda Mark Gurman. The signature of Bloombergwith its weekly newsletter Power On, reveals that Apple intends to announce new tools based on generative artificial intelligence at its June conference which, as usual, will focus on software innovations. These tools will all be integrated into iOS 18the next major update to the iPhone operating system, together with the enhanced version of Siri.

According to reports, Tim Cook and his associates have been testing their LLM – called “Ajax” – since the beginning of 2023 and are now considering further enriching it so as to make it more versatile and usable even in applications like Pages and Keynote. Apparently, also a new version of Xcode it could embrace artificial intelligence, useful for helping users write code.

Apple - xCode

AI could also find space elsewhere, as in Apple Music. Its use in the music streaming service could, for example, be to create playlists based on user preferences, even with suggestions.

From Gurman’s words, 2024 in terms of AI It looks very promising. However, it is the journalist himself who underlines that in reality it will be necessary to wait until 2025 to discover Apple’s “true vision” in this area. Not all the planned AI features could therefore arrive during the year, a huge advantage for the competition (such as Samsung), which will therefore be able to continue to take advantage of the Californian company’s absence in this sector in the coming months.


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