Apple working on a new Vision Pro for 2025

The big news from Apple they have already been presented but something still has to make its official debut on the market. According to what has been reported, 2024 will be the year of the new Vision Prothe company’s exclusive product that will open new scenarios in the world of technology.

There are still several months left until the official debut, but there would have been new rumors that would have shaken things up a bit. According to what has been reported, within the Cupertino laboratories the engineers are already working on the successor to the famous viewer.

Some reports published on the web would have provided details regarding the second generation of the product based on augmented reality and virtual reality. His code name would be Project Alaska. The news speaks of the start of a development phase that will take place shortly, for launch in 2025. At least for the moment the device is identified with the acronym N109.

Vision Pro arriving in 2024 but Apple is already working on the successor for 2025

The rumors refer to hardware very similar to that of its predecessor which has not yet arrived on the market. The new version of Apple’s Vision Pro will have a visible difference when it comes to the speakers interiors that will change shape.

The rear straps useful for wearing the headset will also be revisited and improved. The modification of this aspect, which involves some flat strapswill facilitate mass production, thus contributing to lowering the price of the device.

The upper grilles will also most likely be revisited, but it cannot be ruled out that Apple may retain the current design. What will most likely remain unchanged will be the set of sensors but also the cameras. At the same time, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 and for a could arrive super low latency audio.

There will be two micro-OLED displays, there will be a TrueDepth camera and there will be four cameras for artificial vision.


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