Apple’s Greg Joswiak stings the competition: “tablets suck, iPad doesn’t”

Apple's Greg Joswiak stings the competition:

On the day in which the direct sale of the new iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2 begins, an interview arrives with two figures of a certain weight that could dispel the doubts of those people who are currently undecided about their next purchase. More precisely, on the purchase of a new tablet: iPad or proposals from other companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, Google and so on?

Reached by the editorial team of Fast Company, John Ternuscurrent SVP Hardware Engineering and likely successor to Tim Cook in the role of CEO, e Greg “Joz” JoswiakSVP Worldwide Marketing, provided some more details on the new devices presented during the event Let Loose. The spotlight is obviously on the new Pro, which brings with it major upgrades such as the processor M4artificial intelligence and dual OLED display.

iPad Pro M4 con Apple Pencil Pro

The two Apple executives obviously described with great enthusiasm everything that has been done to create the new generation devices and also took the opportunity to have their say on what is proposed by the competition.

That’s why the iPad is unrivaled, according to Joswiak

It is quite widespread opinion that the tablet is only iPad and that the others, those running Windows or Android, should not even be taken into consideration. This is certainly an exaggeration, because it has been going on for several years now the market offers very valid alternatives (even high-end and for professionals) for all those users who for one reason or another do not want to embrace Apple’s cause. But what do you think? Greg Joswiak?

Without mincing words, “Joz” gave voice to his thoughts with these words:

I’m quite reluctant to call it a tablet, because tablets suck and iPads don’t.

It is therefore clear for the Apple manager – obviously biased, but the opposite would have been strange – that the iPads constitute a separate categoryseparate from everything else (i.e. tablets from other companies).

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