Apple's proprietary 5G modem may not arrive with the iPhone 17

The times are not far away when Apple e Qualcomm they fought constantly in court, and not just with words. Just at that moment Apple commissioned Intel to develop a new chip that would perform the function of modem 5Gso that you no longer have to have anything to do with Qualcomm.

In the end, however, the situation took an unexpected turn: Apple renounced the collaboration with Intel by paying a large sum of money and withdrawing all lawsuits with Qualcomm. The partnership therefore continued with 5G modems for iPhones which arrived from the San Diego-based company.

The agreement, which was stipulated in 2018, made everything effective starting from 2020, on the occasion of the launch of the line iPhone 12. Now, however, everything seems to be ready to take another path, with the Cupertino giant wanting to produce its own 5G chip in every way.

Apple’s proprietary 5G modem may not arrive with the iPhone 17

After having educated itself on the matter and after relying on some important personalities in the hardware world, Apple has put together a team to develop its own 5G modem to be included in the next iPhones.

Some rumors had given for certain the arrival of the component for the 2025on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 17 series. Apparently, however, according to some reports published on the web recently, Apple will not be able to meet this deadline.

Now a new problem arises: exactly last September the Cupertino company renewed the agreement with Qualcomm. This ensured the supply of Snapdragon 5G modems for iPhones until 2026.

Now, if the delays are confirmed, a new agreement will be needed. The last smartphone from the American company that should have benefited from the precious Qualcomm component should have been theiPhone 16but at this rate that won’t be the case.


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