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Arc Browser introduces its new AI tools

According to some insiders Arc Browser is proposing a real turning point onartificial intelligence. What is certain is that the software developed by The Browser Company follows a unique path and approach.

For example, many browsers are offering their own AI functionality using the classical sidebar. A tool that allows you to enhance web searches very quickly.

Arc Browser instead focuses on a mix of five different features that use generative artificial intelligence tools. More precisely that combine the GPT-3.5 developed by OpenAI and the models developed by Anthropic. All these tools are presented to the user by name Arc Max.

To date, Arc Browser is only available for i Apple device owners. In fact, the software can be installed on the operating system macOS and on mobile operating system iOS.

What are the AI ​​features of Arc Browser

The first peculiarity of Arc Max functions is that they are integrated by default into Arc Browser. To use them, all the user has to do is open the command bartype the words “Arc Max” and press the Enter key.

Even the individual features they can be launched directly from the command bar. That’s about the system macOS operative opens by pressing i at the same time cmd and T keys on the keyboard.

Arc Max’s first AI feature is called Ask ChatGPT and can be launched by typing “ChatGPT” in the command bar. This feature requires an account OpenAI and allows you to interact with your famous generative artificial intelligence tool.

The second AI feature of Arc Max is called Tidy Tab Titles and allows you to manage browser tabs according to your needs: for example renaming and sorting them automatically, so you never lose sight of the content you need.

The third AI feature of Arc Max is called Tidy Downloads and applies the principles of Tidy Tab Titles to the world of downloads. So the user can ask the software to Automatically rename downloaded files taking into account different criteria.

The fourth AI feature of Arc Max is called Five-Second Preview and it is meant for preview the contents of web pages that you want to visit. Finally the fifth AI feature of Arc Max is called Ask on Page and can be considered a function of advanced page search.

How to use Arc Browser and Arc Max

As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, to use Arc Browser e Arc Max simply launch the software from your Apple device. Be careful though, the features of artificial intelligence described so far may not be available for long.

The CEO of The Browser Company Josh Miller has in fact made it known that the individual Arc Max tools could come deactivated based on user preferences. According to rumors, the month of October 2023 will be used for collect feedback. Then the company will evaluate the functions to maintain, those to remove and those to replace or integrate.


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