Arc Search, the browser that summarizes contents in an innovative way with AI

And chatbot, un browser and a search engineall contained in a single innovative solution, an application that takes the name of Arc Search. The project was created and launched by The Browser Companywhich had already created Arc Browser in 2023, and promises to definitively revolutionize the way users approach content and search for information.

Forget the functioning of classic search engines, since Arc Search completely reinvents the experience: with this tool you no longer get links that point to content on external sites and platforms, but a tailor-made one is created. Let’s find out all the details of how it works.

How Arc Search works

Arc Search is the new application from The Browser Company that exploit it all the power of artificial intelligence placing it at the service of users. Through the app, which is a mix between a browser and a search engine, people will be able to experience a new way of searching on the web.

Users will provide, as usual, certain query of research, but what is returned is something completely new: a page created specifically by AI in a few seconds and which contains all the most relevant information and content that can be found on the web on the topic.

This feature is called Browse for Me, Search for me, and is made possible by models made by OpenAI. The Browser Company system also allows you to carry out searches in the traditional way using the most well-known search engines, such as Google and Bing, and to use other tools such as bookmarks and adblockers.

The operation of Arc Search was explained through a video published by Josh Miller, CEO of the startup. The application can speed up the search for useful information, since they come all summarized on a single page. For example, if you search for a recipe for a dish, you will be provided with ingredients, possible combinations, variations, history, tutorials, images and much more.

Who can use the Arch Search app

Arc Search currently has limited distribution. The application it is only compatible with devices supported by the iOS operating system. iPhone owners will therefore be able to download it for free from the App Store and start experimenting with this new way of doing research.

The results obtained will be only in English. The company has not announced, for now, any adjustments to the app to make it compatible with other operating systems or the inclusion of other languages. However, it is extremely likely that we will see a gradual rollout to a wider audience. An integration is planned between Arc Search and Arc Browser, the browser that the startup created in the past for Mac devices and which is currently being tested for Windows.

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