The debut on the Italian market of what could be one of the easiest and most versatile surveillance cameras on the market, represented by the new Go 2 by Arlo, is set for the summer.
Arlo Go 2, official the completely wireless surveillance camera

Arlo, a brand of the Verisure group, has announced the arrival on the market of its most versatile surveillance camera ever, the Arlo Go 2, available for purchase in Italy from 1 July, at a price of 299.99 euros.

Certified to interact with IFTTT routines, and Alexa and Assistant digital assistants, the Arlo camera, waterproof against the elements, compared to previous models, once configured in less than 5 minutes, can operate in a totally wireless mode: the product, in fact, it features a long-lasting battery and, in addition to the Wi-Fi connection, it also supports the mobile one via SIM for 3 or 4G. In this way, Arlo Go 2 can be placed to monitor cars, caravans, but also holiday homes, car parks or stables, warehouses, and any location where the home network does not arrive or is foreseen.

If desired, it is also able to automatically switch from one connection to another, to take advantage of the mobile one in the event of a Wi-Fi outage. According to what was communicated, Arlo Go 2 shoots in color, in FullHD resolution (vs the HD of the first model), with a viewing angle of 130 °, even at night (as it is equipped with LED lighting).

Thanks to the motion detection, in suspicious cases the Arlo Go 2 camera sends a notification to the user’s smartphone, which can watch live what is happening remotely, activate the available spotlight, the 80 decibel siren, the bi- directional (being equipped with loudspeaker and microphone), or send a call to a friend (whose number will have been set in time) nearby. Thanks to GPS, your alerts are equipped with precise coordinates.

The Arlo Go 2 video camera is compatible with various accessories (e.g. double charger, increased battery, solar energy charging system), and gains additional functions by subscribing to the Arlo Secure monthly subscription, which includes the theft insurance. safety devices, 60 days of storage in the cloud to refer to any missed events wherever you are, and the smart recognition that distinguishes between vehicles, animals and people, sending notifications when really necessary.


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