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produce music and beats Unlike a few decades ago, nowadays the real protagonists of the music scene are DJs and producers, who rather than writing music in the classical way through scores and writing notes, use software capable of quickly creating arrangements and bases that can then be used by singers to sing. Music genres such as Trap or Rap are almost completely based on beatmaker software to create bass rides and involving or dancing rhythms.
Who wants to try to have fun in the create beats, arrangements and backing tracks or even for make electronic music, house, techno and so on, can use one of these programs which, even if free to download and use, are as powerful and complete as professional software. This does not mean that anyone can create the latest hit of the summer from their home PC, but that it is possible for anyone, both those who know music theory, and also those who have no knowledge of notes and chords, of produce a personalized rhythm or pleasant music to listen to. Obviously, then, those who are more capable, after gaining experience, will be able to purchase the premium functions of these programs (some however are completely free) and expand the possibilities of composition.
In this article we therefore see the free music programs specializing in beats and musical arrangements and it is rather similar to other lists already seen in this blog, where we talked about:
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1) FL Studio
FL Studio 20 is the latest version of 2020 of this historical professional program that can be considered a true complete music production studio. It is a software suitable for professionals and experts with all the tools to compose music, and also for beginners thanks to its easy to understand interface. The free version is good for starting and learning, but it is severely limited because it does not allow you to reopen your saved projects. The complete versions are available in various editions, starting from 90 Euros. Once you have learned to use FL Studio, which may require a lot of practice and study of dedicated tutorials, there will really be no limits to creating music even on a professional level.

2) Tracktion WaveForm
WaveForm is a completely free program to use in the free version without limitations (in practice the free version is the previous one of the product). This means that you can get full access to all the tools included in it. The problem with Waveform is its complexity which makes it rather difficult for beginners. The interface is light and intuitive, but requires some experience in music production to be understood. The program website also offers free templates of ready-made arrangements to facilitate learning and not having to start with an empty interface. You can do anything with this software, dedicated to musicians, singers, producers and enthusiasts.

3) Apple Garageband
One of the best free music software for beginners is Apple Garageband, already included in Macs (not available for Windows, however). Garagemand is absolutely complete with all the tools, works very well and is designed primarily for those who want to learn and have fun. The interface is clean and has everything you need to create new beats or entire tracks, with a fantastic section of rhythms, musical samples and over a million sound combinations.

4) Klevgrand SyndtSphere
Klevgrand SyndtSphere is a very professional free beat creation software, with an interface that looks very simple. It is in fact one of the best and easiest to use software synthesizers, with over 70 presets and graphics that transform sounds into circles to manipulate.

LMMS, or Let's Make Music is an open source program similar to FL Studio, completely free for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is certainly a lot to study in order to master the functions of the software, but it is not too complicated to understand even for those who are less experienced in music. With LMMS you can create, mix and edit music in the most diverse ways, with many effects and tools available and an active user community to whom you can ask for advice.

6) MuseScore
I had already talked about MuseScore in the past as one of the best programs for writing music on the computer, perfect therefore for creating arrangements of classical music, for writing scores and listening to them.

7) Bandwalk cakewalk
Cakewalk is one of the best music production programs, free and complete with beat tools, for writing songs and creating arrangements. You can create music recordings, mixes, use editing and publishing tools on SoundCloud or YouTube.

8) DarkWave Studio
Darkwave Studio is a completely free program, quite simple and light (although with many menus and options that can be intimidating at the beginning) it includes a multitrack recorder, a Pattern Editor to select and edit digital music patterns and a Sequence Editor to align , mix and move patterns. 19 different plugins are also included which can be used to add various types of virtual effects.

9) Magix Music Maker
One of the best music production software, the historical MAGIX Music Maker is widely used by professionals. You can download and try for free to learn how to combine sounds and loops, drag and drop effects and play virtual instruments from your PC. Each part of the sound can be adjusted using knobs and equalizers and it is possible to create musical rhythms as an expert producer would.

10) Ableton Live
Ableton Live allows you to easily create and produce music in an intuitive interface (although for beginners it may not be easy at all). You can play any type of music with this software using the tools inside it, sounds, plugins, loops and many effects. The free version can be tried for 3 months, which isn't bad.

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