SteelSeries, leader in accessories and gaming peripherals, has announced the new range of premium Artic Nova Pro Series headphones for videogamers, in wired and wireless versions.
Artic Nova Pro: SteelSeries' new premium gaming headphones are official

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After the launch of an ad hoc model from Turtle Beach last March, we return to talking about premium gaming headsets, this time thanks to the Danish brand SteelSeries, which launched the Artic Nova Pro Series, with 5 models, including the standard (279.99 euros), the one for Xbox (279.99 euros), the wireless one (379.99 euros), the wireless one for Xbox (379.99 euros), the wireless one for PlayStation 5 (379.99 euros).

The new Artic Nova Pro headphones rely on a PVD-coated steel band, and – thanks to the ComfortMAX system – offer 4 adjustment points, including a flexible tension band and height-adjustable and swiveling ear cups, covered in imitation leather. Basically, they contain 40 mm neodymium drivers from 10 and 40,000 Hz as frequency response, with 93 dB of sensitivity and 38 ohms of impedance: in the wired model, using the ESS Saber Quad-DAC for Hi-Res audio (96KHz / 24-Bit), the frequency response is raised to 10-40,000Hz.

The Sonar Audio suite brings a professional level parametric equalizer, useful both in in-game chats and in listening to game effects, since it allows you to “restrict the frequency of the output of a voice, a step, a vehicle ”Present in particular game to make it easier to follow them. There is no shortage of presets calibrated on some popular multiplayer, as an alternative to the generic “FPS Footsteps”. If desired, the opportunities offered by the classic 10-step graphic equalizer are still available.

Other elements in the Artic Nova Pro headphones also contribute to improving the listening quality. The active noise cancellation, ANC, based on a hybrid system with 4 microphones, copes with external noises, where they deal with balancing the audio in optical clarity. inside the pavilions. With the push of a button, the Transparency mode is activated, adaptable to any situation. In addition, there is no lack of 360 ° spatial audio.

The provision of the Quantum 2.0 Wireless function allows the mixing of two simultaneous audio connections, so that you can converse on the phone, perhaps while playing on the PC or on a console. Users of the wireless versions will also benefit from the wireless base station: the latter, with an OLED display that also shows the battery life, equipped with an analog input and output via 3.5 mm jack, useful for switching between two devices connected to it via USB, acts as a command station for the various platforms, also remembering the user adjustments, performed on the fly regarding volume, input device, equalization and ChatMix.

The microphone was also not overlooked. In this sense, the new ClearCast 2, characterized by a bidirectional design like those used in the pits by F1 teams, with the ClearCast AI (smart reduction of ambient noise), allows you to change low-frequency noises, such as tapping on the keyboard or the rustle of the fans. The autonomy (44 hours in total), finally, is entrusted to a double battery system: specifically with the first you can play while the second charges, being able to then put it in place of the exhausted first, without interrupting the game, as long as this happens within 8 seconds.


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