Artificial intelligence compared: is Gemini, ChatGPT or Copilot better?

Google Gemini can be considered better or worse than ChatGPT e Microsoft Copilot? The answer is far from obvious and varies based on the way in which it has been set up Judgment parameter.

Put different tools AI in comparison it is never simple, also because these are systems designed on language models not necessarily the same as each other.

The first thing to do is find common ground on which to analyze the pros and cons of the individual tool generative artificial intelligence.

The advantages of one AI over the other can in fact be linked to specific features: for example the sensitivity and depth ininput analysis of the user or the ability to generate textual content or in the image creation consistent with the request.

Added to this are more targeted comparisons on specific aspects: for example the composition ofuser interfacewithout forgetting the prezzo.

Google Gemini, ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot are in fact equipped with a free basic subscription. But also of a paid premium planwith additional features that can be compared.

Artificial intelligence compared: Google Gemini vs ChatGPT

Google Gemini e ChatGPT

A good way to organize a fair comparison between Google Gemini and ChatGPT consists of testing the two chatbots with the same task, in order to see in detail pros and cons of AI in action.

For example, both chatbots show advantages and strengths when it comes to summarize content provided in the form of input. Think in this sense of a textbook o alla transcription of an interview.

Exam passed by both AIs even when it comes to reformulate a written text, intervening more on form than content. Think of one in this sense emailto be revised making it more or less appropriate to the working context.

ChatGPT has the advantage when it comes to image creation, while Gemini protects user privacy more

ChatGPTon the aforementioned front of the image creation, seems slightly ahead of Google Gemini. The OpenAI tool is in fact capable of creating not only drawings, but also complex content like invitations for a birthday party. All starting from a simple textual input.

Gemini instead shows greater attention towards user privacy. In fact, Google’s generative AI allows you to set the chatbot so that conversations are not read by humans and are not used for future training.

This option is also available on ChatGPT, but it is objectively more complex to identify. In fact, to activate it, users must first manually turn off history of chats and furthermore, even deactivated conversations are still there kept for 30 days on the servers at OpenAI.

Artificial intelligence compared: Google Gemini vs Microsoft Copilot

Gemini and Copilot

According to several analysts, Microsoft Copilot can be considered an artificial intelligence overall superior as compared to Google Gemini. If nothing else in terms of quality, understood as the ability to generate an in-depth and coherent output with respect to the input.

One of the most popular benefits of Gemini in comparison is its ability to simulate a natural speech: The interaction with the Google chatbot is really similar to that with a human being.

This, however, risks being the case simultaneously a pro and a con. In fact, these very careful conversations often betray errors more or less serious in terms of content.

Both chatbots come with aQuick user interface and ease of use, with the difference that Gemini spaces they seem less chaotic compared to those of Copilot.

Microsoft Copilot is on average more powerful than Gemini, which however is able to simulate conversations more similar to those with a human being

In this sense the choice of limit the options available to the user appears successful. Google Gemini in fact focuses on a smaller number of features and on three conversation styles.

One thing that tips the needle in the direction of Microsoft’s AI is integration with other apps. To date, Copilot communicates much better with the apps office suite than Gemini does with the Workspace apps. But who knows, maybe the scenario won’t change with the next updates.

Also from the point of view of image creationthe artificial intelligence of Copilot it seems more competitive compared to that of Gemini and the reason is the same as already mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

In fact, Microsoft Copilot, like ChatGPT, also puts the user in the position of use DALL-E: a generative AI specifically dedicated to photos, drawings and the like and, at this moment, the OpenAI tool guarantees the ability to generate much more complex outputs compared to those of Gemini.

Pros and cons of premium subscriptions to Gemini, ChatGPT and Copilot

Artificial intelligence

Both Google Gemini and ChatGPT Microsoft Copilot put the user in a position to choose between a free subscription is one for payment. And in all three cases the second subscription delivers additional features and services.

Plan AI Premium Of Gemini has the advantage of letting the user log in well 2 terabytes of storage within the cloud service Google One.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to think that, as time passes, Gemini will gradually come integrated with other Google services and that these additions will come in turn added to your subscription.

The paid subscription ChatGPT Plus It offers no storage space to the user. But it allows him to take advantage of thelatest GPT language modelas well as using generative artificial intelligence applied to the creation of images of GIVE HER. Added to this is the GPT Store: a service designed for anyone who wants personalize the user experience on ChatGPT.

Finally space for Copilot Prothe branded premium paid subscription plan Microsoft. This plan first and foremost guarantees a performance enhancementthanks to a more advanced language model.

Furthermore, Copilot Pro also allows the user to dedicate himself to creating images with DALL-E of OpenAI and enables the integration of generative artificial intelligence with other apps from the Microsoft suitesuch as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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