Artificial intelligence will be increasingly central to Google, the main news

Artificial intelligence it is an increasingly central technology for large companies and among these there is, obviously, Google which has invested a lot in this regard in recent years.

In this sense, the recent statements from the Mountain View giant are not surprising, where it is said that the instruments linked to Google Gemini and generative AI will become increasingly crucial for the products and services it offers, with many changes ready to overturn the internal structure of the company and beyond. Here’s what we know.

Google, the news on artificial intelligence

According to what was shared by The Vergesome recent statements by Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google devices and services sectionhave hinted at the direction that the technology giant will follow between now and the next few years.

In fact, it seems that the company is concentrating its efforts on bringing all its products closer to the world of artificial intelligence, a change that will go from GooglePixel ai Chromebook and up to the various devices they host Android (including smart TVs).

The idea is to combine hardware and software and turn them into AI, allowing the various teams to collaborate with the sole objective of advancing this technology quickly and safely, involving all the various sections of the Big G ecosystem.

In short, Google is rallying its “workforce” to make its operating system like a sort of mobile AI platform, which will be positioned at the center of the entire universe of products and services offered by the company. And to achieve this goal, clearly, everyone’s work is needed.

Furthermore, a collaboration in this sense could help all developer teams, even the smallest ones, to obtain better performing tools, which could simplify the creation of their projects or the improvement of existing ones.

In short, Google’s aim seems to be to bring every employee to work towards the same goaltruly becoming part of a larger, more efficient and inclusive project.

What future for Google

Considering the impact that theartificial intelligence is having on the technological development, it is clear that this must also have repercussions on the companies themselves and their structure. And this for Google clear for some time now.

If we add to this the Mountain View giant’s desire to be an active part of this change, the idea of ​​creating a real AI ecosystem it is nothing other than the natural evolution of what has been done up to this point and the goal (or at least one of the various goals) to be achieved between now and the near future,

To do this, as already mentioned, you need to joint efforts and a more efficient one sharing of skills between the various branches of the company, so as to have a clear understanding of the common objective and try to achieve it in the shortest time possible.

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