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Artificial Intelligence will regulate access to adult sites in the UK

Among the most controversial technologies related toartificial intelligencethere are certainly those related to face detection.

A matter still to be regulated with several countries in the world that would like to use this system in fight against crimeper identify potential attackers through a very thick camera network scattered in every corner of the cities.

In the United KingdomHowever, this technology could be relegated to more “modest” uses and, according to the first rumors coming from across the Channel, the Government would intend to exploit the system to prevent minors from access pornographic sites. Let’s find out more about it

AI and the fight against pornography for minors

According to theOnline Safety Actthe document that regulates the use of the web, the face recognition through AI it could represent a further “guarantee” for younger people who would be prevented from accessing siti e applications considerate not suitable at their age.

First of all, clearly, i porn sites which have become so common that they represent a very important problem for those who surf the web, even for those who are doing something completely different.

Second Ofcomthe UK communications regulator, the new age check tools are still work in progress, but should become operational by early 2025with much more efficient facial recognition technology which should (and the conditional is still a must) keep minors away from the “dangers of the web”.

On the other hand, adult sites would also be more protected and would get a access control much more stringent and, above all, which is not limited to a simple “are you an adult?”.

At the moment, however, the model still needs to be perfected and includes a facial scan that should precisely identify the age of users and, if considered too young, provide a second check using “alternative methods”probably through sharing the identity card or a selfie.

What will change for users

But if with the introduction of facial recognition via artificial intelligence, the youngest will be “safe from the dangers of the web”from another point of view this system could still have several dark points.

One of the major concerns, in fact, concerns the privacy and the sharing of personal data with facial recognition which, for obvious reasons, is considered one of the most sensitive pieces of information absolutely.

In this sense, in fact, the theft of this type of information it could have catastrophic repercussions on the web and is an eventuality that must be avoided at all costs.

At the moment there is still no answer to this unknown but Ofcom will continue to update the guidelines on the project and before the activation of the “service” more concrete solutions could arrive, perhaps by exploiting on-device identification systemswhich therefore do not need to share data on the web.

However, the secret hope of the organization is that, on the one hand, adult sites and prohibited applications will themselves find more efficient methods to protect the privacy of its usersperhaps as an incentive not to give up traffic on their pages which could suffer a significant drop which, certainly, would not benefit the economy.

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