ASMCrypt, Lumma, Zanubis: rain of recently discovered malware

That cyber threats are constantly evolving, but the numerous discoveries in the malware field in recent days underline, once again, how much the cybercrimine is active.

In a recent report, Securelist researchers detailed several new threats, such as ASMCrypt (loader on DoubleFinger) and both malware bancari Android known as Lumma e Zanubis.

The first of these, viz ASMCryptpresents itself as a malevolent agent that presents itself with a backend completo which allows the threat actor an intuitive and easy to master management environment.

However, it should be noted that researchers strongly suspect that this malware is an evolved version of DoubleFinger, which would act as a “front” for a TOR rete.

From ASMCrypt to Zanubis: new threats and old knowledge for those involved in IT security

Lummafor its part, is a stealer written in C++with a long history behind it before becoming what it currently is.

Previously known by the names of Arkei stealer, Further, Oski e Mars, this malware has undergone notable changes since its first appearance online. Since then, comparing the codes, This malware can overlap for the 46% narrower than its first form, released online in May 2018.

More recent, but no less fearsome, is the trojan banking Zanubis. Active on the Android scene since August 2022, it has so far focused mainly on the South American context, with a predilection for Peru.

This malware pretends to be a legitimate Android app from a government organization and takes control of the smartphone, prompting the user to give it a lot of leeway regarding the permissions.

In conclusion, these threats demonstrate once again how important it is to remain vigilant. Even outdated malware, if in the hands of an expert hacker, can easily be shaped to create a modern and dangerous malicious agent even on updated operating systems.

The adoption of a antivirus effective, therefore, it can without a doubt help even the most expert users to avoid unpleasant situations to say the least.


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