Atom Keylogger: the low-cost malware for aspiring cybercriminals

The factors why the cybercrimine is becoming increasingly dangerous are mainly two: the evolution of threats and the fact that malware is now within the reach of even the most inexperienced cyber criminals.

As evidence of what has just been said, the online spread of Atom Keyloggera low-cost malicious agent that is also within the reach of novice hacker.

Its purchase, through special clandestine hacker forums, it costs only 15 dollars. The affordable price, combined with the stealthy features, make Atom Keylogger a widely used threat in the context of identity theft and other cyber crimes.

The accessible nature should not be misleading: little knowledge of the sector is enough to be able to carry out potentially disastrous malware campaigns. Precisely for this reason, it is good to know this threat and know how to counter it effectively.

Atom Keylogger: the malware that costs only 15 dollars

Thanks to the research of security experts it was possible to reconstruct where and how this malware can be found.

The mainly used platform is RogueMarketsomewhat known in the context of Dark Web. An anonymous shared hosting such as is then used to provide the malicious agent SharedServers.

Once Atom Stealer has been purchased and spread online, this provides a lot of room for maneuver for the cybercriminal. Actions you can take with respect to an infected computer include:

  • starting executable files remotelyo;
  • IP address identification;
  • Obtaining operating system log;
  • take screenshots;
  • copy data from clipboard.

In fact, with a little ingenuity, the cyber criminal can steal very sensitive information and data from the victim.

For ordinary users, therefore, the wisest way to follow is to apply an adequate prevention strategy. In addition to adopting a antivirus level, in fact, it is best to be wary of any file coming from unreliable sources. Similar story for suspicious email attachments.


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