Automatic app renewal, how to cancel it

Everyday web users use a lot applications. There are those for pure entertainment, those that are used to complete work tasks, those to improve one’s organization, to take advantage of some services, to receive information, to learn and much more. Some are free and you just need to create an account to use them, others are paid or require the payment of certain sums in order to use the advanced features.

So, not infrequently, it happens subscribe to subscription plans for applications that provide automatic renewal, and through payment systems that withdraw the necessary money directly from their cards, accounts or other sources.

For many it can be difficult to find the way cancel automatic renewal and stop paying for services which, although useful in the past, are no longer necessary. In reality, this task can be performed in just a few clicks, with different procedures depending on the device used.

Let’s find out come cancel automatic renewal of applicationscancel subscriptions and stop making recurring payments for services that you no longer use or that have not met your needs.

  • 1. How to cancel a subscription on iOS mobile devices and Mac

    Who owns a iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro or Mac he may have found himself signing up for subscriptions directly with Apple or from other companies to take advantage of one of the many services offered by the brand.

    In this case, it is possible cancel subscriptions without problems, blocking automatic renewal. Regardless of which device you use, launch the app Settings and do click on your namelocated at the top of the screen.

    Select the item Subscriptions and, in the list presented, tap the application for which you want to cancel automatic renewal. click on Cancel subscription. The button, in some cases, is located at the bottom of the screen.

    If the subscribed subscription is not among those proposed and offered directly by Apple and if it is not present in the list of the section Subscriptions in the app Settingsthere is another way to block automatic renewal from iOS devices.

    To boot the Apple App Store. Fare click on your profile picture present at the top right. Click on the entry Personalized advice and, subsequently, up Subscriptions and view the ones currently active. Select the subscription you want to cancel and click Cancel subscription.

  • 2. How to cancel automatic renewal from an Android device

    If you own an Android device, before subscribing to an application you should be aware that those managed by Google Play, which are almost all, they have an indefinite duration. This means that, without your own initiative or interruption by the company that manages the app, you will continue to pay the established amount periodically.

    To stop paying your subscription, it is not enough to uninstall the applicationbut it is necessary unsubscribe personally active.

    To perform this action, launch the Google Play app and click on the icon at the top right, i.e. your profile picture. Select the item Payments and subscriptions.

    In this area you can manage all your subscriptions, changing the payment method indicated in the past, viewing your available budget and the history of your actions or entering a promotional code.

    In detail, by clicking on your subscriptions you can view the list of active subscriptions and those that have expired and already cancelled.

    Under the voice Active, select the subscription whose automatic renewal you want to cancel. You enter the area Manage subscription. Here you can update your payment method and enter your alternative payment method.

    You can select, if the app allows it, the voice Suspend payments. In this case, the subscription will be suspended at the end of the billing period and will be resumed when you decide to restart it, in the same way as previously.

    If you want permanently cancel a subscriptiontap on the button Cancel subscription and follow the instructions indicated.

    If you want to cancel a subscription from your computer for an app managed by Google Play, connect to the official Google Play website ed log in with your account. Click on your icon at the top right, select Payments and Subscriptions and subsequently, Subscriptions.

    Select the subscription whose automatic renewal you want to cancel and click Suspend paymentspresents itself, or its Cancel subscription, according to your needs.

  • 3. What happens after you cancel a subscription

    After canceling a subscription, its automatic renewal is also canceled you stop paying periodically.

    As soon as the period for which you paid for the service ends, this will no longer be provided. To be able to use it again, you will need to sign up for a new subscription plan.

    Automatic renewal,in some cases, it cannot be undone, at least for a certain period of time. This situation arises when, for example, you sign up for an annual subscription plan, albeit with a monthly or weekly payment. In this case, even if you cancel your subscription, you will be charged all remaining payments and you will have access to the services until the end of the plan.

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