Backup-as-a-Service Veeam per Microsoft 365 e Microsoft Azure

Backup-as-a-Service Veeam per Microsoft 365 e Microsoft Azure

The expression Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) refers to a cloud-based remote backup service delivery model. Instead of managing your own backup system in locoan organization can subscribe to the backup service provided by a provider, which manages the entire backup infrastructure.

Veeam Softwarea leader in data protection and ransomware recovery solutions, announced two new offerings that combine the security and reliability of Veeam backup and recovery with the ease of use of a BaaS approach .

Available for customers Microsoft 365 e Microsoft Azure, Cirrus by Veeam is a simple, flexible, reliable and powerful BaaS offering that provides businesses with the option to simplify the management and administration of their backup operations, with all the resiliency of Veeam technology. Thanks to Cirrus by Veeamusers can freely decide how to use Veeam backup capabilities to protect their business: in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid model.

Among the main ones advantages of a solution like Cirrus there is the possibility of using a SaaS tool (Software-as-a-Service) which relieves IT administrators from having to manage infrastructure and storage.

Backup-as-a-Service Cirrus per Microsoft 365

Based on Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, it is a backup solution that is provided as a service. Simplify the strategy is backed up of the company with software, infrastructure and unlimited storage in a single cloud service. This way you can benefit from the protection technology and data security of Veeam combined with a simple and reliable user experience.

Users can thus benefit from a package all-inclusive who manages the backup in Microsoft 365 all-round, thanks also to extensive customization possibilities, flexible recovery options and powerful search features.

Your company’s critical data is kept safe at all times: Cirrus per Microsoft 365in fact, focuses on the concept of immutability of the data: nothing and no one can modify the contents of the backups, once saved on Veeam servers.

Cirrus Cloud Protect per Microsoft Azure

Just like the information managed with Microsoft 365, so does the data stored on the platform Microsoft Azure they are exposed to the same cyber threats and data loss found in any other solution. It is therefore the owner’s responsibility to protect them. Cirrus Cloud Protect per Microsoft Azure it is a pre-configured solution, fully managed by Veeam, capable of ensuring reliable backup and recovery policies.

It was created with the aim of instant implementation, removing the need for periodic maintenance and the risk of making errors during the configuration phase. Cirrus Cloud Protect per Microsoft Azure It also helps you apply best backup practices while respecting the guidelines set by theAzure Well-Architected Framework. The latter contains a set of Microsoft guidance for designing, implementing and managing solutions on Azure reliably, efficiently and securely. It is a framework that helps organizations evaluate their Azure-based architectures while improving the quality, performance, and security of their applications and various workloads.

Cirrus by Veeam is available immediately throughAzure Marketplace as well as on all Veeam and Cirrus distribution channels.

Second IDCthe provision of services “as-a-service” cloud-based that are aimed at data protection will grow 19.2% each year through 2026, to reach a market value of $21.4 billion. The new offer Backup-as-a-Service Veeam for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure allows the company to immediately enter this rapidly growing market.

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