Banned from Facebook and deleted accounts for no reason: how to fix it

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You can imagine the amazement of a user who, by logging on to Facebook, finds himself with the account blocked or worse still deactivated, for no apparent reason. Often not even a warning or reminder email is sent, with the wording “account disabled“.If we too have run into this type of problem with Facebook, we have come across the right guide: in the following chapters we will show you what could have triggered the ban and how to reactivate the Facebook account, so as to return to hang out again among the profiles of friends and read the feed with all the news in the foreground. We try to pay attention to the Facebook rules: sometimes it takes very little to receive a ban on Facebook, often for trivial reasons or things that we considered normal.

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How to reactivate banned Facebook

Reactivating your Facebook account is not complicated, but we could run into obstacles along the way. The first step is to send an email to [email protected] and, if no answer is obtained also a [email protected], advising Facebook that it had ascertained what the error was (even if at the moment we do not know it yet), apologizing and saying that the account will no longer be abused. All details regarding disabled accounts I’m on this support page.

Alternatively, there is also a form to use for an appeal, so that you can request the reactivation of the profile if one of the two previous methods were not successful.

How to restore hacked Facebook account

If we fear that someone may have taken control of our profile and violated the Facebook rules for us, before getting alarmed, we should try all the ways to enter Facebook without a password if the account has been hacked, so as to be able to explain the situation and return to full control of the account, without any active ban.

In another post we also wrote how recover login in case of stolen account.
Either way you may be required to verify the identity of the Facebook account using an identity card which becomes essential to regain control of the situation.

Why have we been banned from Facebook?

If we have been banned and we do not know the reason it is better to find out immediately, since if we repeat the error we will be banned again and this time forever (we will no longer be able to have our account). The rules to be respected to avoid the ban or block on Facebook are numerous, but we summarize the reasons and causes that probably triggered the ban:

  • Photos, names or posts are vulgar or obscene: on Facebook they are prohibited photographs, obscene and vulgar names, violent and racist references and all that is inconvenient to the public custom. Even seemingly innocent photos like breastfeeding or new tattoos near your private parts can be great reasons to get banned on Facebook.
  • Too many unknown friends added: Facebook is a place where we can easily make new friends, but if we add causal people to the friends list (we are therefore obsessed with the add to friends) we can receive a ban based on the reports of randomly added people (who could very well report us as stalkers or as annoying people).
  • Criticism of commercial products or trademarks: we must pay attention to who we cite or who we criticize on Facebook, since denigrating commercial products or registered trademarks could lead to a ban on Facebook upon reporting by the company or multinational. This does not mean that just writing “Coca-Cola sucks” to be banned, but repeating it several times in groups or posts could lead to the ban in a short time.
  • Account Violation: If someone has entered our account and used it to write obscene messages or to share compromising photos, we will be banned and will probably be investigated by the police. Therefore, it is better to immediately report any violations and immediately change the Facebook password, also activating thetwo-factor authentication.
  • Parcelling: on Facebook we can fall victim to “parcelling”, an activity similar to that of spammers which is based on the collection of e-mail addresses. Each Facebook contact leaves his primary email so as to be searched and found by friends; whoever wants to send Facebook advertising emails becomes one inexhaustible source of email addresses. One hypothesis therefore is that who adds too many contacts may be suspected of parcelling and be banned in a preventive manner.
  • Wild spam: if we create a web page for a site or for an activity, it is better to spam it a little at a time in groups and with friends, to avoid receiving a spam report. This is usually enough to get spam, so don’t overdo it with crazy shares. To increase the number of people who follow our page we can very well take advantage of the Facebook advertising pages.

All the hypotheses seen above can be useful in understanding why we have been banned; to find out all the rules and limits on the use of the Facebook account we can also read the conditions of use of Facebook, even if the pages to read are really many.


Those who are banned from Facebook will probably try to understand what they did so badly to suffer this punishment: sometimes even a simple bickering about a post or a group is enough to start the report and receive a ban, even if in most cases you get a ban for adding too many unknown friends or for spamming your group or page nonstop.

If you have come this far to read this long post, you are really friends so we advise you to follow the site on Facebook, so as to always be aware of the latest news in technology and information technology.


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