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Basic plan, Netflix eliminates it: what changes for those who have one

Netflix is ​​one of the most loved and widespread on-demand streaming services in the world. It has undergone some changes in recent months, designed to make it more efficient, to allow users to access everything they need and to support the expenses necessary to maintain a high quality infrastructure and offer. After the possibility of account sharing was eliminated and a new plan that includes the playing of advertisements was introduced, a new change has also arrived in Europe: the removal of the base plan.

Let’s find out what will happen to those who own one and to those who intend to sign up or reactivate the subscription in these days and what the other options available are.

Basic Plan, goodbye also in Europe: what happens now

Netflix’s cheapest plan without advertising it is definitely a memory even in Europe. In recent months it had already disappeared in other countries, such as Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom and, now, the same fate has occurred for the Bel Paese and other locations.

The basic plan cost 7.99 euros and allowed the viewing of content without advertising interruptions from one device at the same time and download content to view it offline. This means that new subscribers and those who decide to reactivate their subscription after a period of interruption will no longer be able to use it, but will necessarily have to choose one of the other plans available.

Those who have a subscription with an active basic plan can, at least for the moment, keep it, until they decide to switch to another plan or to stop your payments and subscription.

Netflix, subscription options

With the disappearance of the basic plan, the possibilities for choosing a Netflix subscription they are reduced to three. The least expensive plan is the one called Standard with advertisingwhich costs 5.49 euros per month and guarantees good audio and video quality. Playback can be activated on two devices simultaneously, but downloading cannot be done. Advertising breaks may be inserted during viewing.

Then there isthe Standard planfrom the cost of 12.99 euros per month, which offers good audio and video quality, viewing on two devices simultaneously and downloading from two devices. There is no advertising.

The most expensive plan is currently the Premium planfrom the cost of 17.99 euros per month and which guarantees maximum viewing and listening quality (ultra HD and HDR), on four devices simultaneously. The download is allowed on six different devices and does not include advertising interruptions.

Netflix’s changes may not be over and, in the coming months, we could see a further increase in cost of subscription plans. An important challenge for the company, which has very valid competitors.

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