Batteries: New EU rules aim for sustainability

L’European Union is continuing to work to make the tech market more sustainable. From computers to smartphones, the problem of electronic waste continues to be evident and needs to be solved with small, important steps in the right direction. Precisely for this reason, a few days ago the European Parliament definitively approved the rules for the design, production and management of all batteries sold in the European Union.

These new regulations could result in a domino effect for the rest of the world, potentially forced to standardize the type of batteries in order to reduce overall costs. But let’s take a look at the key measures set by the regulation.

The EU changes everything for batteries

Con 587 votes in favour and only 9 against, MEPs have officially approved the agreement for the revision of EU rules on batteries and waste derived from them. Even the Europen speaker Achille Variati said he was delighted with this agreement, as it is the first legislation on the circular economy that covers the entire life cycle of a product, and represents a very positive approach to the environment and the economy: “Our aim is to build a stronger European recycling industry, especially for lithium, and a competitive industrial sector. Aspects that will be fundamental in the coming decades for the energy transition and strategic autonomy of our continent. These measures could become a benchmark for the entire global battery market”he added.

Key measures include a mandatory label for all EV batteries, light transport vehicles and industrial rechargeable batteries with a capacity greater than 2kWh, so that consumers can be aware of the carbon footprint of each cell. In addition, the batteries of household appliances must be easily removable and replaceable.

More ambitious waste collection targets will then be needed, in order to recover a minimum level of materials from waste and manufacturing waste, so that they can be used in new batteries.

Source: European Union


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