Bel’Veth arrives and his hunger is relentless!

Riot Games releases 160th champion on its moba: League of Legends. Bel’Veth is a Jungler with a particular kit that is causing a lot of discussion about the true potential of the empress of the void.
Bel'Veth arrives and his hunger is relentless!

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Bel’Veth, empress of the void, is the 160th champion to join the League of Legends roster. It will be released on live servers on June 9th, that is shortly after the end of MSI 2022. After the teaser there was also a hint of gameplay (not the showcase of the skills) where you can see her “doing things”.

It is a highly mobile Jungler with good control effects, resistances and sustain that will feed on the “essences” of the enemies. But let’s see specifically his kit.

Passiva: Death in lavender

All enemies (champions, jungle monsters, epic monsters and super minions) release an “essence” when they die. Bel’Veth can collect and accumulate them to create a swarm made up of a number of void monsters equal to the accumulated essence stacks. The passive also grants life steal against jungle monsters. If Bel’Veth attacks an enemy tower or an epic monster, his swarm will attack with her, healing her and damaging the enemy, however, consuming all accumulated essences.

Q: Void Surge

Four arrows will appear around Bel’Veth. By activating the ability, the Empress performs a dash that will inflict damage and slow down enemies hit. If the enemy (Champion, Large Jungle Monster, Epic Monster, or Super Minion) is hit by sprinting in one of the four directions indicated by the arrows, the skill’s cooldown is reset.

If you hit small jungle monsters the cooldown times are reduced by 40%. When the ultimate is active, Void Surge activates Death in Lavender, meaning the fish of the void it summons will attack the targeted enemy.

W: Above and Below / E: Royal Maelstrom

Bel’Veth goes underground by gaining movement speed and allowing her to go through walls. Resurfacing she stuns and knock-ups opponents in the area. If Above and Below is used when the ultimate is active, Bel’Veth becomes untargetable.

Bel’Veth channels a vortex that hinders the movement of enemies while drawing them towards him. While channeling her E, the Empress takes reduced damage and a portion of the damage taken is added to the damage that enemies within her range of action will take. If the ultimate is active, the ability will also deal true damage and create an explosion at the end of the channel.

R: Endless Banquet. (Suprema)

Bel’Veth reveals her true form by gaining life, armor, magic resist, and damage for a limited time that can be extended by remaining in combat. When he is in this form, his abilities are enhanced and he heals based on the number of essences accumulated. In addition, he will be able to use the remaining essence charges to create a swarm of void “fish” that will attack enemies, kills extend their duration.

On paper the kit looks very strong and although the sample is actually ready, its testing phase will last longer than usual probably also due to the next patch, 12.10, which will bring live the “Durability Update” we have already discussed. For the more impatient to play it, it will most likely be released on the PBE during the testing phase of 12.11 (so if not May 25, a few days later). What do you think of our ravenous empress of the void?


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