Best 25 Apps to Edit Photos on Android

Best 25 free applications for Android to edit photos, add effects to shots taken with your mobile phone camera

As with iPhones, applications can be installed on any Android smartphone to make changes to photos and images, even in a professional way. In the Google Play Store there are numerous apps for this purpose, including many free applications that can be installed and used freely.

Among the types of best apps for android there are those to take better photos with your camerareplacing the default app for taking photographs and those to edit photos also with special effects and photographic filters.

In this list we will show you the best free apps to edit photos on Android, all worth trying! Many of these apps won’t make you regret any of the apps on your iPhone.

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Best apps for editing photos on Android

1) Google Photo is the mandatory app for all smartphone photographers. These are uploaded at high resolution to the cloud and are resized if you use a camera that takes higher resolution photos; the application also includes photo correction, automatic manipulation and standard editing tools. In another article, the guide for use Google Photos and all its automatic and manual functions.

2) Snapseed is perhaps the best free application for easily editing photos on an Android phone or tablet using your fingers on the screen, to which I dedicated a separate review. It comes with a variety of both simple and advanced tools such as RAW file support, red-eye removal, and filters.

3) Photoshop Express, simplified version of the famous photo editing program Photoshop, with simple and essential tools. Photoshop apps work well for doing simple things like filters and stickers, and they’re free.

4) Photoshop Lightroom per Android, which contains more advanced tools than the Express version, also free, we reviewed it in another post. The best options in Lightroom Mobile are those of cropping, to select only a part of the image, rotate the photo, straighten it if crooked. Then there are the filters presets divided into various categories: creative, color, black and white, details and effects. Finally there are the photo adjustments, to activate black and white, to set the white balance, color temperature, hue, contrast, exposure, highlights, tone, shadows, whites, blacks, vividness, saturation, clarity.

5) Le app Magic ViewFinder are photography apps that allow you to emulate major cameras from Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony and others. You can therefore try virtually every setting of professional cameras to prepare shots before taking them with real cameras.

6) Polar Express the best app to improve photo quality. I talk about it in another article.

7) Photo is a great app similar to Snapseed for easily but with advanced ways to edit photos.

8) VSCOone of the most famous apps in the Apple Store, now also available for Android for free, entering the top positions among the most popular and best photo editing apps.

9) PhotoRoom Studio Foto Editor is a free app among the best released recently, with automatic tools for cropping objects and people from photos, removing the background, improving the lighting, adding writing, logos, stickers, creating collages and much more, all with just a few touches.

10) BeFunky is a popular website where you can apply different effects to photos from your computer (see best web applications for free photo editing). The application for Android is free and allows you to edit photos with special effects, with brightness and contrast, frames and much more.

11) PhotoFunia is meant for users who want to have fun with their photos to apply photo montages. In another article, the best photo montage apps on Android and iPhone.

12) Pixlr-o-matic is another great application for Android similar to Instagram, with many effects and colored filters to add with a tap to your photos. There are frames, vintage effects, and backgrounds to make transparent.

13) Visage Lab allows you to smooth the skin, whiten teeth and improve all aesthetic imperfections. This is one of best apps to correct face, skin and defects in photos.

14) Cyberlink Photodirector it is one of the most popular photo editing applications on the store, with many tools such as adjusting colors, shades, brightness, exposure and contrast, saturation and various effects.

15) Line Camera is a free application for taking photos and then editing them by adding frames, drawings, applying Instagram-style filters and much more.

16) Photo Editor is a very popular Android mobile application downloaded by more than a million people. This application contains more than 40 filters and special effects, then you can add stickers, writings, frames and transform photos into postcards, magazines, paintings and so on.

17) Pixlr together with Fotor and SnapSeed it represents the top of the applications for quickly editing photos with effects and an easy-to-use but also very complete editor.

18) Prisma, the app that turns photos into works of art for Android.

19) Bazaart, a popular photo editor for iPhone now also available for Android devices. With a good number of features, it also includes an automatic background removal tool.

20) Camera360 it is one of the most downloaded applications from the Android store, only that the free version is a bit limited in functionality. There are also lots of fun effects and you can make photo montages by placing other images over your own photos.

21) InShot Photo Editor it is probably one of the best apps for editing photos on Android, thanks to the presence of numerous filters for editing shots. Among the available functions we find the background editing system, the system for adding stickers and writings on photos and the tools for creating collages, glitches and body modifications (to lose weight in photos).

22) PicsArt Photo Studio it is a complete app equipped with a camera and a built-in editor, so you can immediately take photos and apply the desired effects and filters even before saving them in the phone’s memory. The app is equipped with a system that improves selfies and allows you to create videos from photos, as well as being able to add stickers, smileys and any other type of modification.

23) world is a special app for applying professional filters and effects to photos, without having to move them to your PC. The app provides users with hundreds of effects to apply and test, as well as an advanced color, saturation and contrast editing system.

24) YouCam Makeup is the reference app for editing selfies on Android phones. By opening photos of a face on the app we will be able to apply make-up, eliminate blemishes, change hair color and length, add accessories and whiten teeth.

25) FaceApp is another good app for editing selfies on Android. This app can rejuvenate or age faces, change hair color, apply color effects, apply virtual makeup, apply smiles virtually (on serious and unsmiling faces), and change the background of each photo.


To edit photos on Android we can choose one of the apps seen in this list. There isn’t one app that’s better than the other, but we can try at least 5 or 6 to test the various filters presentto try new effects or new stickers to apply to photos and Also edit selfies with makeup, new hairstyles and new hair color.

On the same topic we can read our guides on best camera apps for Android to take photos with your mobile phone and on best Gallery apps for Android to view photos, sort them and browse them.

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