What are the best sites based on new technologies, “web 3.0” alternatives to the most famous sites to try

Websites 3.0

With the progress of technology we find ourselves faced with the birth of a new category of websites, called Web 3.0. The characteristics of these new sites make them profoundly different from the old sites we have used so far, even if on the surface they seem completely similar to the previous ones.

I best 3.0 websites they are all to be discovered, sometimes a little experimental, sometimes truly excellent alternatives to the most famous sites, capable of performing the same functions as Google, Youtube and Whatsapp.

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Characteristics of a website 3.0

The main feature of a Website 3.0 is to be decentralized: it is not based on a single server or on a network of well-defined servers (like traditional sites), but is based almost exclusively on blockchain (i.e. on the mechanism by which they are generated encrypted and certified informationthe same one with which the cryptocurrencies).

This does not mean that we will make money every time we visit this site, but nothing prevents us from participating in the blockchain (thus increasing the resources available for new sites or new pages) and obtaining cryptocurrencies in exchange (still of little value, but which could day become very precious).

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2) Presearch


The first website 3.0 that we can try is obviously a search engine called Presearch. This decentralized search engine searches multiple sites at once, thus merging multiple search sources together (search results aggregator) to obtain very precise and consistent results with the searched word.

On the search page we can search on Google, eBay, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, Booking and other sources; the results are very fast, considering that the search is carried out on all the sites mentioned above.

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3) Dtube


Another website 3.0 to try is Dtubea clear alternative to YouTube from every point of view.

The site is a great platform to upload decentralized video content, then using the blockchain to save the new files and provide the necessary power. Each member can also participate in the blockchain in turn and receive the dedicated cryptocurrency, whose value on the market is always visible in the top left of the home page.

4) Odysee


Odysee it is another valid website 3.0 to try, also in this case totally decentralized; it presents itself as a middle ground between YouTube and Twitch, offering content very similar to the platforms mentioned.

One of the most interesting features of this site is the presence of thematic channels based on imaginary characters (Portal); by opening one of the characters indicated we will have all the themed videos, so that we can only view the videos of the contents we like.

5) Kick


Kick it is most likely the heir of Twitch, given that we find live video games, channels of streamers to follow and thematic channels dedicated to chatting, other types of games (for example chess) and channels for specific games.

Compared to Twitch, we find particular attention to more flexible moderation (compared to the rigid moderation of the service provided by Amazon) and higher revenue shares for streamers, who can thus build their own circle of users and earn much more.

6) Status


The last site we wanted to point out to you is Statuswhich compared to the previous ones provides the download of an app for use on Android and iPhone.

The app is based on the blockchain and provides, in a single app, everything you need to chat and keep the cryptocurrencies we already own safe. Using the app we can in fact chat in complete blockchain security (with end-to-end encryption), use a simple and effective cryptocurrency wallet and also use a browser 3.0designed to safely access both traditional sites and new Web 3.0 sites.

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These are just some of the Web 3.0 sites that we can already try on our PC or on our phone. The combination of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can become very interesting as a new business model, but it will certainly take years to consolidate the positions achieved by traditional sites (famously known as Web 2.0 sites).

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